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Huge sale on our custom brick sets!

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BOTCON 2013 – PT 1: Pre-Show Fun!

Botcon_2013If you’re looking for a detailed review of BotCon 2013, including its panels, guests, and exclusives, look elsewhere.  If you want to hear about how four old friends like to use BotCon as an excuse to maximize their vacation fun, read on!
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Review: ReGeneration One #81

A brief respite from the hiatus to attend to some important business. Continue reading

Masterpiece Sideswipe available for preorder

Lambor goes MP scale! Continue reading

Ark Addendum: MADMAN’S PARADISE (Part 1)

A look at one of the more…interesting G1 episodes. Continue reading

Lego Transformer: Cosmos

“I guess anything’s better than nothing.” Continue reading

TransFunnies: The many laughs of Megatron

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Classic Transformers comics now available digitally!

The Marvel era comes into the 21st century! Continue reading

Lego Transformer: Arcee

Somebody cue up Tommy Shaw’s “Girls With Guns”! Continue reading

New Morgan Lofting video at Screamer Retro Flashbacks

Screamer strikes again! Continue reading