MTV Geek reports Disney in talks to acquire Hasbro

Oh no they di-in’t!

After last week’s earth-shattering news that Disney purchased Lucasfilm, and in turn, the Star Wars franchise, for a hair over four billion dollars, it’s hard to argue against the belief that just about anything is possible.  Today comes a rumor, via MTV Geek, that Disney is in preliminary talks with toy manugfacturing giant Hasbro, makes of fine plastic robots (and a few other things).

If true, this would mean that Disney would be aiming to acquire not only the toy making rights, but intellectual property rights, to Transformers, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, and much more.  Of course, MTV themselves label this a rumor, so it’s way too soon to grind our gears over just yet.  I’m thinking it’s just some imaginitive MTV staffers cooking up a way to bring hits into their site.  I joked aobut this at our Facebook page the other day, and I was only kidding.  DISNEY, I WAS ONLY KIDDING!

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