Custom brick set: Enemy Jet Glider

Context-SAn homage to the Cobra C.L.A.W.

The first in our series of blogs on our original custom construction toy sets is the first G.I. Joe homage set I designed.  I figured I’d start with something small, and work my way up.  It came out so well, and the immediate feedback I received so glowing, that I was encouraged to continue.  (Click on the images for a larger version)

Figures-SThe Enemy Glider consists of approximately 35 pieces, including primarily Lego parts, a few Kreo parts, and two BrickArms missiles.  It accommodates one minifig/Kreon, and features movable ailerons, just like the original toy.

Front-SAdmittedly, it’s more of a direct translation of the 25th Anniversary Joe era C.L.A.W., as it does not include the landing gear – which proved far too difficult to recreate – and features a handlebar control much closer to the latter version.  Perhaps, if one day I figure out a way to do the retractable landing gear, I may launch a 2.0 that’s much cl

Back-SThe Enemy Glider can be purchased at our store.  Thanks to @twitziller for the photos!


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