Custom brick set: Enemy Assault Quad

Context-SA construction toy approximation of the Cobra Ferret.

The next vehicle I worked up after the Enemy Jet Glider (aka Cobra C.L.A.W.) is the Enemy Assault Quad.  It was relatively easy to get the look of this classic G.I. Joe vehicle due to existing Lego parts seemingly destined for the quad.

FrontThankfully, most of the parts necessary for the set existed in dark “Cobra” blue as well.  I could have done this thing in standard Lego blue – and have, stay tuned here for more details of that one – but it’s always nice to come as close as possible to an original vehicle in both constructions and coloring.  One of the frustrating things about designing Joe-homage vehicles in Lego is being able to approximate the look, but not the coloring of certain rides.  Sadly, however, I had to give this one black wheels, as they don’t exist in dark blue.

BackThe missiles are removable, and of course the wheels roll just fine.  I made sure to color the missiles, gun, and handlebars in the original red to really sell the look.  A small entry in our catalog, but a big one in achievement.  This basic set has been subjected to multiple recolors and retools…look for blog entries on those versions eventually.

Figures-SAs usual, photography of the enemy Assault Quad is by @twitziller (Twitter) – click for larger version – and it’s available at our store.


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