Custom brick set: Ordnance Carrier

Context-SA Lego-ized version of the G.I. Joe Weapon Transport..

As I began this ongoing venture, I knew I had to start small and work my way up.  After the Jet Glider and Assault Quad, I also knew I had to move over to the hero’s side.  Perusing Joe fansites to jog my memory of some of the smaller vehicles from the classic heyday, the Weapon Transport jumped out at me as something that’d be quick and easy to conjure up via Lego.

Figures-SPrimarily in classic Lego green, this was the first green vehicle I’d attempted – something I was kind of gunshy about doing right away, as most green Joe vehicles were some sort of military or olive green, and Lego does not have many parts available in such colors.  But I was reassured by Dave from Flag Points, and Andrew aka Twitziller – who were by this time becoming my sounding board during the creation process – that it was just fine to work up Joe stuff in classic green, and that no one would complain.

Front-SI think this one came out pretty good; I made sure to include the small trailer and bomb.  It took a couple of interesting brick moves and parts to work up the distinct body of the vehicle, and there’s a black antenna to top it off.  The front gun is positionable, and a small liftarm provides a crosshairs in lieu of the original’s shield.  One interesting aspect is a Lego engine piece on the trailer that attempts to reproduce the texture of that area on the original toy.  One of those serendipitous moments where a Lego piece seems to have almost been specially made for this set.

Back-SAfter enjoying this photography (click for larger images) by Twitziller, head on over to our store to pick up your own copy!


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