Custom brick set: Attack Snowmobile

Context-SThe Polar Battle Bear, Lego style!

As a kid, I had two short-lived stints as a G.I. Joe collector – the first, around 83-84, and the second, around 88-89.  Neither one “took”.  But one of my favorite pieces from the first round was the Polar Battle Bear.  I had a lot of fun with that toy; I think my love for Star Wars, and my fascination with anything Hoth-related, contributed to my love for polar Joe gear.

Figures-SAs such, it was little surprise to myself that one of the first vehicles I’d try to fashion in Lego was the classic Joe snowmobile.    It was fairly easy, and as usual, the basic structure came together quickly, with some minor revisions to follow.  This version boasts turning skis and moving treads, something the original toy can’t even claim.

Front-SAt first, I made the front incline straight, as it is on the original, but it left some unsavory studs showing.  In an effort to smooth things out SNOT style, I opted to go with curved slopes out front.  An admittedly controversial choice, but one that erased all studs out front.  A pair of BrickArms rockets rounds out the look.

Back-SDig those action-packed Twitziller photos (click for larger images)!  You can own a Geewunner Attack Snowmobile via our store.


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