Custom brick set: All-Terrain Scout Vehicle

Context-SThe A.W.E. Striker earns its Lego stripes.

Although I never owned the original toy, I was always enamored with the A.W.E. Striker.  There’s just something cool about an armored dune buggy.  I had a lot of fun putting this one together, and it sure looks great with some Kreons riding it, doesn’t it?

Figures-SThe key to this design was the windscreen piece used as rear fenders; the rest of the design fell into place after that.  Unfortunately, certain parts, such as the rollcage, are not available in green, or in the case of the front bar, not very common in green, forcing me to employ alternate coloring here and there.  But I think those are minor quibbles at best.

Front-SThe roof-mounted cannon swivels and pivots in all directions, and the wheels roll freely, making for some fun high-speed brick action.  For now, the Scout Vehicle is a single-seater, but you can fit as many as four more Kreons standing on the side panels; with some Joe homage sets, I actually refrain from employing too many SNOT techniques, in order for Kreons to have pegs to stand on.

Back-SHead over to our store to purchase your very own copy of this set!  Photos, as usual, by Twitziller (click for larger versions).


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