Custom brick set: Cat Unit Assault Quad

ContextYes, even Geewunner customs are subject to recolors!

FiguresAs a kid, I was fascinated when Hasbro re-released a selection of Joe vehicles and characters in the late 80s as a special unit team called Tiger Force, with themed color schemes.  Some cynical  folks may cry foul at a corporation trying to resell them the same toy, but what I thought was great was that it gave kids a chance to catch up on toys they missed the first time around.

FrontLikewise, the concept of a special subunit of Joe, and the paint scheme that tied them together sent my imagination flying, and it caused me to imagine doing this with Transformers, by creating special teams of “classic” characters, often in new paint schemes, in the fanfic I was starting to write at the time.  Of course, Hasbro eventually did recolor earlier Transformers toys, with the initial waves of Generation 2.

BackWhen I got involved in making custom Joe Lego sets, I quickly realized that doing recolors would be possible, and in some cases, quite easy.  My first attempt at this type of thing was to change the Enemy Assault Quad into a Cat Unit Quad, aka the Tiger Paw.  With some white and yellow pieces in place of the dark blue, the basic look is achieved.  A rear fairing with painted-on animal stripes – a pre-existing Lego piece, I believe from the recent Dino series – helps sell the Tiger Force look.  Once again, serendipity.

ContextLove that hilarious Twitziller photography (click for larger images)!  Head on over to our store to get your paws on this one.

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