Custom brick set: Attack VTOL

Context-SOne of the most beloved G.I. Joe vehicles gets a proper Lego treatment.

I must say, at the outset of my venture into making custom G.I. Joe Lego sets, the Sky Hawk was one of the first vehicles that came to mind.  However, looking at the angled cockpit of the classic vertical takeoff craft, I was discouraged to be able to do it justice, and I kept putting it off.  Achieving a reasonable facsimile of the downward slope seemed daunting, for one thing, and there was no existence Lego piece that could replicate the cage casing of the cockpit.

FiguresFinally, one late night, I got a bit brave, and started fooling around with it.  I think I managed an approximation with a Star Wars style windshield, and angled parts.  This is the best Lego can do for the Sky Hawk, at this point in its history.  Also, the skid plate has two connection, as opposed to the original’s one, and due to the low profile of said skidplate, the removable missiles had to be relocated above it.

FrontOn the plus side, the engines fully rotate, and the overall look is quite nice.  I’m confident saying this, as this model has already become on of the best sellers of this series, so I must have done something right.  It’s nice to be able to say that for one of the biggest design challenges in the series.

BackTake off to our store to capture this bird of prey.  Thanks, as always, to Twitziller for the dynamic photography.


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