Custom brick set: Nocturnal Unit Quad

ContextAnother Cobra Ferret recolor, this time a semi-original one.

Figures-SAn artist has to create.  An artist has to explore.  An artist has to have fun.  This is why I continued to play with recolor possibilities for the Enemy Assault Quad.  There was never a Night Force version of the Ferret – at least not back in the day – but I found that giving a Ferret the Night Force color scheme would be quick & easy, and have great effect.

FrontMore than just swapping out dark blue for black, I actually changed the chassis color from black to dark grey as well, to offset the black parts, though I made sure to keep the red parts red as a nod to Night Force.  Due to the Night Force connection, I’ve always considered this a Joe vehicle, and therefore like to refer to it as a Night Paw.  But officially, it’s the Nocturnal Unit Quad.

BackAs it turns out, coincidentally, the 2013 JoeCon would feature a Night Force theme, and a Night Force Ferret was sold at the show, although theirs is a more modern, retooled version (i.e. Tiger Claw).  Good timing on my part, I guess.  A Tiger Claw in the future is also not out of the question, by the way.

ContextYou can secure a Night Paw under cover of darkness at our store.  Thanks to Twitziller for the covert photography!

Context-Night Vision

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