Custom brick set: Fast Attack Boat

Context-SEl Pescado Diablo de Lego!

I was itching to get some seafaring vehicles added to my growing custom Lego G.I. Joe collection, and the Devil Fish made for a great model.  Although from 1986, it seems to be as well remembered as some of the earlier stuff, so that made it an attractive vehicle to tackle as well.

Figures-SAfter deciding to move from orange to red – orange exists in Lego’s palette, but many of the pieces used here do not – it was not terribly hard to construct.  Both rear engines pivot, and the torpedoes underneath are removable, as are the four BrickArms missiles included.

Front-SThe cockpit of this craft seats one Kreon, but at least two more can be positioned on the sideboards.  Potential buyers of this set should be forewarned that the Fast Attack Boat does not float, so be careful when you bring yours to bathtime.

Context-S Navigate your way to our store to pick up a copy of this set.  Thankfully, Twitziller was able to photograph this set without succumbing to Davy Jones’ Locker.

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