Custom brick set: Enemy Assault Raft

03Surprise your heroes under cover of darkness!

05When I was a kid, I thought that Cobra Night Landing was kind of a cheesy set.  I mean, it’s just a raft and a few tools?!?  But hey – when you’re a kid, you don’t “get” the realism that some of those early sets had, and of course later on learned to appreciate how necessary gear like this would be to either Joe or Cobra.

06This set was one of those ones that practically put itself together.  Lego rafts are almost exactly the same as the one included in Night Landing, and – hey – they even come in dark blue!  The engine is positionable, and the propeller spins.

03The array of accessories include items from Lego’s stable, such as a shovel and oars, as well as weapons from BrickArms that come very close to the original’s, including a grease-style gun, a machine gun, and a knife.  the radio is assembled from multiple parts.

03The catch?  Rafts are fairly scarce in dark blue, and oars even scarcer in black.  To partially combat this, and to offer additional options to interested parties, I put together three additional recolors of this set with alternate raft colors.  A “special ops” black version just like the 1997 Navy Seals recolor that Hasbro released, an olive green “G.I. Joe” variant, and a dark grey Navy version.

03Keep your Kreons afloat by picking up one or more of these sets at our store before the stock dries up!  Thanks to Twitziller for the splashy photography.

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