Custom brick set: Enemy Fast Attack Tank

ContextThis set will make HISStory.

FrontWhen this project began, the vehicle I received the most requests to put together was the Cobra HISS.  Quite possibly the most iconic Real American Hero vehicle of all time.  Was I unaware of its popularity?  Of course not.  I knew I’d get around to it eventually.  Well, I sure did.

BackAfter I’d designed this set, but before I released it, the official Hasbro version came out with the dojo set.  It was…cute.  But I knew fans would want something bigger and blacker.

FiguresThis version of the High Speed Sentry features moving treads, a canopy close to the original toy, and a fully rotating turret with pivoting cannons.  Don’t be surprised if you eventually see recolors of this model.

ContextQuit seething, and head over to our store to snatch up one of these babies!  As per usual, thanks to Twitziller for the pro images.

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