The Geewunner Customs store is now open for business!

G1 GIJ3And take advantage of all-new lower prices!

We at Geewunner are proud to announce that we’ve opened up a dedicated store for our custom brick sets at the popular e-commerce site Storenvy.  You can view the store here.  You can also access the store through our Store page at the top of this site.   Special thanks to Twitziller for help with graphics.

Having sold our sets primarily at auction sites the last year, we’ve been looking for a good place to set up shop online.  After doing our due diligence, Storenvy looked like the place to be.  And because we’re no longer subject to oppressive fees elsewhere, we’re able to lower our prices, which means you get more custom brick sets for your money!

We’re launching the store with all 39 of our currently available customs listed, but that’s not all we’ll have available.  In time, we’ll be adding a slew of Kreons, Kreo parts (including robot-specific parts), instructions booklets, sticker sheets, and more.  So check back often, as we’ll be adding product all the time.

We’ve arranged our customs in subcategories for ease of navigation.  So, for instance, if you’re only interested in the sets based on original G.I. Joe toys from the 80s, you can shop just that product.  We’ll still list our products at auction sites to attract new fans, but the prices will be lower here, and we’ll offer certain sets exclusively at the store.  Hope to see you there!


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