Huge sale on our custom brick sets!

G1 GIJ3Our biggest sale yet on our complete line of custom brick sets!

ContextAlong with the launch of three new sets – Arctic Attack Halftrack, Enemy Attack Glider, and Enemy Arctic Quad – we’re excited to announce a huge sale over the next couple of weeks.  This sale features the lowest prices that just about all of our sets have ever been listed at.  You will not want to miss out on this opportunity, whether you’re already a repeat customer, or someone who’s been kicking the tires on our fleet of vehicles.  Here’s how the sale works:

Context*We’ve put every set – including the three new ones! – on sale at our Storenvy store, effective immediately, and running thru Sunday the 8th.  Prices of course vary, but again, will be the lowest they’ve ever been, and are not likely to be this low again.

Context*On Monday the 9th, we will close the store temporarily, and any remaining stock will be moved to our eBay store for one week, where the prices will again be the lowest they’ve ever been at eBay, but will be slightly higher than the store’s sale prices – roughly proportional with the current differences between our store and eBay prices.  Once the eBay portion of the sale is over, the complete line of sets will return to their regular prices at both our store and at eBay.

Front*At this time, stock is very limited on many of our sets, and while we do have more parts on the way in order to restock as many of them as we can, we cannot guarantee availability of ANY set through the first portion of the sale, much less at eBay.  If there’s a certain set you are interested in, you will want to grab it as early as possible.

Back*Snow Cat is available for preorder immediately, but may not ship until as late as the 15th of June (though likely before).  There are a very limited quantity of copies of Snow Cat available for the sale.  If you make additional purchases along with Snow Cat, the entire order will ship when your Snow Cat is ready.

Context*BONUS: Purchases over $100 during the first phase of the sale will receive a randomly-chosen free Enemy Jet Glider recolor from a new trio of recolors we have on tap for future release: blue, black, and dark grey.  These sets will not see full release until at least July, but you can be the first to own one by stocking up during the sale!  Additionally, anyone who purchases over $200 during the sale will receive a free copy of one of our earliest sets, the Weapons Transp- er, Ordnance Carrier.  And yes, you will still get the Enemy Jet Glider recolor.  These triggers will be raised to $120 and $240 respectively for the eBay phase of the sale.

Context*Our usual “pay shipping just once” policy remains in effect.  If you’re unfamiliar with this policy, it means we ship any and all sets ordered for just one combined shipping rate – whichever is the highest among the sets ordered.  This shipping policy is for US shipping destinations only.  International orders still qualify for combined shipping, but varies depending on destination.

Context*This sale is effective immediately…tell your friends!

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