Trade offer for Comic-Con 2014 Transformers Kreon set!

G1 GIJ3Score big on our customs by scoring one of these sets for us.

We’ve been to Comic-Con plenty of times.  But as it’s grown, we’ve become weary, and decided several years back to save the time, effort, money, and stress of attending the world’s biggest nerd convention, at least for the time being.  We live in Southern California, where there are smaller, more manageable cons every few months, which also takes the yearning to attend Comic-Con away.

SDCC-Kreon-Class-of-1984-Box-ExteriorThat’s not to say there aren’t sacrifices to make, including missing out on Con exclusives.  This year, we really want to get our hands on a Transformers “Class Of ’84” set, and are prepared to pay for it.  Sure, we can try to battle for one on eBay, but who needs the stress?  What we have in mind is to offer trade value on our custom sets, and have determined that a value of $150 is worth it to us to get a hold on that sweet Kreon set.

SDCC-Kreon-Class-of-1984-Box-InteriorSo if you’re going to be down in San Diego this weekend, and have an opportunity to score an extra set, keep us in mind, and cash in big on our product!  As with our past trade offers, the way it works is, once you’ve acquired a copy of this set, email us at, and let us know.  We will then ask you to choose what you want from our available stock up to $150, and set it aside & get it ready to ship.  Then you’ll have to send the Kreon set to us (make sure to get tracking on it), and upon receipt, we will ship your customs out right away.  We’ve made several successful trades so far for individual Kreons, and look forward to making a deal with you on this set.  Actually, having said that, we might be able to use more than one set for customization purposes, so be sure to let us know if you’ve got a set to trade!


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