Custom Brick Set: Explorer Team Helicopter

AT-copter-contextThis time, adventure takes to the sky!

AT-copter-frontHaving been pleasantly surprised at the positive reaction from my first foray into sets that homage the original 12″ G.I. Joe’s Adventure Team, I’ve decided to continue with more sets in this theme.  I’ve had a lot of requests from the “old guard” of Joe fans out there, particularly for this classic vehicle, and I’m happy to oblige.

AT-copter-backThe Explorer Team Helicopter is an attempt to replicate the delicate styling and original features of the Adventure Team Helicopter.  Certain aspects were difficult to capture, such as the slightly “tilted egg” shape of the cabin, as well as the bar construction of the landing skids.  I’ve done my best to use available parts to get as close as possible on these fronts.  This involved utilizing certain parts that exist, but that are a bit on the scarce side, which not only has an affect on pricing, but means that the total run of this model may be a bit limited in the long run.  So if you’re a fan of it, you’re going to want to grab it early!

AT-copter-contextThe Helicopter features rotating blades of course, as well as an opening front windscreen for easy placement of you Air Adventurer Kreon.  There’s a control panel with moving control stick, and there’s a fully functioning winch with tow hook.  See the dynamic photos – as usual by our in-house genius twitziller – to see these features in action!  Don’t forget to click on each one for a larger version.  For more aerial Adventure, be sure to also check out the Explorer Team Rocket Helicopter and Glider – both being released in conjunction with this set.  In the mean time, pilot your way to our online store to capture this bird!

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