Custom brick set: Explorer Team Rocket Helicopter

at-fang-contextWhen the Explorer Team needs some aerial firepower!

AT-fang-frontWhen looking for ways to bolster the equipment that your Adventure Team Kreons had access to, I considered the then-upcoming release of the Air Adventurer, so I knew I had to look skyward.  After mulling over the obvious standard Adventure Team helicopter, I realized another copter that would be easy to churn out: the Joe Club exclusive AT recolor of the Cobra Fang.

AT-fang-backOf course, I’ve already released my version of the FANG, and it’s proven to be one of the more popular sets in the line.  So, realizing a simple recolor was all that was needed, I made sure to make this version available for the AT fans out there.

AT-fang-featureFeaturing rotating blades and rear propeller, seating for one Kreon in the cockpit (with moving control stick), front cannon, and four missiles and a belly bomb, the Explorer Team Rocket Helicopter is that rarest of beasts: an adventure vehicle armed to the gills!  Check out the explosive photography by our man twitziller – click on each one for a larger version – then head over to our store to stock up on firepower for your aerial adventure.


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