Custom brick set: Explorer Team Glider

AT-glider-contextDropping in for some adventure like a hawk in the sky!

AT-glider-frontOnce I’d completed designs for the Explorer Team Helicopter and Rocket Helicopter, I felt like one more set was needed.  I once again realized potential for a quick but effective recolor, so I took a cue from both the Adventure Team Sky Hawk glider, as well as the ARAH Falcon and Viper Gliders, and decided to marry the concepts.  Voila!  The Explorer Team Glider.

AT-glider-backThis fun little set of course recolors our versions of the Falcon and Viper into the classic yellow-wth-red-trim color scheme of most of the classic Adventure Team gear.  On top of that, and in keeping with that Team’s less aggressive outfitting than their 4″ cousins, I’ve removed the guns and replaced them with handy search lights.

AT-glider-contextOnce again, how about a round of applause for twitziller’s jaw-dropping shots?  When you’ve picked your jaw back up, head on over to our store to pick up the Glider.  Due to the scarcity of certain parts, this one will definitely be produced in minimal numbers (you’ve been warned)!

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