Custom brick set instructions for sale on limited basis!

G1 GIJ3Limited quantity available for a limited time!

We at Geewunner customs often get requests to put on sale just the instructions to our custom brick sets.  Some of you have healthy brick collections already, and want to be able to build our sets – or at least use them as inspiration or jumping-off points for your own creations – but want save on the costs of the bricks from us.  Thus far, we have resisted, because we see our sets as a quality boutique line of collectibles, and don’t wish to sell them short.

However, as an experiment, we have decided to release a limited number of discs chock-full of instructions for our sets to both address this demand, as well as bring in some revenue to fuel some upcoming sets that we’re excited about, and we know you’ll be excited about, too.  This is likely just a one-time thing, with no guarantee of a repeat, so if you’ve resisted in purchasing our sets for the previously mentioned reasons, you’re going to want to jump on this limited offer.  We reserve the right to end the sale of these discs prior to sellout.  We will release a limited number to our store, as well as a limited number at eBay, at a higher price to balance out those pesky eBay fees.

Avatar-01What you will receive is a CD with folders containing instructions for many of our sets, broken down into themes.  Each folder contains the pictorial jpeg instructions, as well as the set photography by our man twitziller, as well as a Word file containing the parts list for that set.  We are releasing two different discs, with the following sets’ instructions loaded onto each:

Disc 1 – Hero Pack
This CD will contain instructions for the following 16 sets:
All-Terrain Scout Vehicle
Attack VTOL
Attack Helicopter
Attack Snowmobile
Attack Glider
Arctic Attack Halftrack
Cat Unit Assault Quad
Fast Attack Boat
Flying Submarine
General Purpose Attack Vehicle
General Purpose Attack Vehicle II
Large Beam Cannon
Missile Emplacement
Missile Tank
Ordnance Carrier
Towed Missile Launcher

Disc 2: Enemy / Explorer Pack
This disc contains instructions for the following 15 sets:
Enemy Attack Glider
Enemy Attack Helicopter
Enemy Attack Cannon
Enemy Attack Vehicle
Enemy Assault Raft
Enemy Assault Quad
Enemy Fan Boat
Enemy Fast Attack Tank
Enemy Jet Glider
Explorer Team Amphibious Vehicle
Explorer Team Communications Vehicle
Explorer Team Glider
Explorer Team Helicopter
Explorer Team Rocket Helicopter
Explorer Team Raft & Quad

All sales of these discs are final.  We’re also putting select sets on sale at the store.  We hope you enjoy building your Motor Pool!

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