Pre-order our December releases and our holiday weekend sale!

G1 GIJ3Grab out new sets at a reduced price before they’re released, and take advantage of our lowest prices to date on our entire line for this weekend only!

Call it “Black Friday”, “doorbusters”, or whatever you like, we decided to get in on the after-Thanksgiving sale wackiness at our online store.  This sale is good thru midnight on Sunday, when everything will revert to regular prices.  Also, due to the expected volume of orders, we will reserve a period of ten days to ship from date of order, as opposed to our normal five.  But fear not; you will receive your order before Christmas.  First come, first served.

Aside from dropping prices on virtually our entire line of custom brick sets – in some cases, the lowest price these sets have ever been, some close to our cost – we’re also setting our two December releases for pre-order.  These two sets will ship before December 15th, so again, you will have them in-hand for the big year-end holiday.  Also, any sets ordered in conjunction with these pre-order sets will ship when these sets are ready.

2014-11-25 Armadillo Storenvy Splash copyFirst up we have the Mini Tank.  Based on the classic 1985 G.I. Joe vehicle Armadillo, this has been one of the most oft-requested sets since we’ve launched this venture, and we’re happy to finally offer our take.  Like its subject matter, and as the name implies, the Mini Tank is on the smaller side compared to many of our sets.  However, it is dense, with a lot of smaller, expensive parts – the treads alone are pricey –  necessary to achieve its look.  In fact, this set uses more parts then our other December release!  Due to these factors, it may seem to some to be on the expensive side, but we can assure you you’ll be happy with this pint-sized powerhouse.  Grab it during our pre-sale to save $5 off the regular price.

2014-11-25 Stun Storenvy Splash copyFinally, we have another oft-requested vehicle, and something that helps satisfy the ever-lingering hunger for Cobra vehicles by our fans: the Enemy Heavy Attack Trike.  Some people may feel that the Cobra Stun is one of the goofier vehicles from the original ARAH run, while other would argue that once you bring it into the brick world, it makes a lot more sense.  We know our in-house photographer and graphic artist twitziller certainly feels this way.  Our version incorporates all the same features as the original 80s toy, including the iconic pivoting pods.  Wait til you see the photos on this one!  You can also pre-order this one for $5 off starting now.

Remember the sale lasts thru the weekend, but these pre-orders will stand until the allotted copies are exhausted or until we decide to end the pre-order.  Happy shopping, and thanks for your continued support and interest in this project!

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