Preorder on the Crimson Crush wave starts now!

2015-03-10 AD-Crimson Crush (4)We are happy to launch three Enemy Elite Unit sets!

Going forward, we will more often than not release two or more sets each month that fit into some sort of theme.  This month, we’re calling our new wave of sets “Crimson Crush”.  Because we’re nerds like that.  At any rate, ever since releasing our Enemy Fast Attack Tank a while back, we’ve gotten many requests for alternate versions, include arctic, blue, and Crimson versions.  We hope to get around to all of them eventually, but for now, we are happy to offer two red versions, based on existing two-part sets.

2015-03-11 SMS Storenvy SplashThe Enemy Elite Missile Group homages the classic Sentry Missile System, a set of red recolors of the HISS and G.I. Joe MMS that was made available exclusively through Sears back in ’85.  We recolored our versions of those original toys to likewise mirror the SMS.  We think it came out great, and hope you feel the same.

2015-03-11 CRimson Sabotage Storenvy SplashWhile we got involved in that, we also realized it would be easy to attempt a version of the Crimson Sabotage set from the early aughts.  With a slight tweak of the red Fast Attack Tank, and a recolor of the Enemy Attack Cannon (ASP), we are happy to present the Enemy Elite Cannon Group, for fans of the Modern Era.

2015-03-11 Crimson Guard Glider Storenvy SplashLastly, we snuck in an Enemy Elite Unit version of the Enemy Attack Glider.  Why not?  All of these sets are available now for preorder at our store, so get your Crimson Guard Kreons ready and head there now.  And stay tuned for a a special announcement coming soon on how you can get involved in helping decide future Geewunner releases!

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