Death From Above now up for pre-order!

2015-08-21 Death From Above TeaserOur latest custom brick set theme goes live…NOW!

We’re overjoyed, not to mentioned relieved, to finally announce the release of these sets, particularly the marquee set of this theme.  What you have here is Death From Above – a cute name we’ve given to three Enemy air attack vehicles.  Let’s take them all one at a time, in ascending order of not only size, but significance.

Fist up is the Enemy Demolitions Expert Attack Glider, intended as an original, “what if” recolor of the Viper glider in a scheme similar to Firefly’s two-tone grey camo suit.  ‘Nuff said.

2015-08-21 Firefly Glider Storenvy Splash

Secondly, we have the Enemy Aerial Attack Capsule.  We don’t have to tell you what this is supposed to homage.  There’s already been an official one, but we’re hoping you’ll find this closer to the original, beloved toy.  It features a pivoting front gun and two removable missiles, not to mention room for one mini-figure in the seat.

Since dropping the silhouette teaser for this theme just days ago, we’ve received interest in a multi-pack of this set for army building purposes.  So we’ve decided, just for the pre-order period, to offering a special 3-pack of this set at a reduced rate.  Copies of this set will also include one aerial mine, while supplies last.  The first ten copies of either the single or 3-pack version of the Capsule will also include an aerial mine!

2015-08-21 Flight Pod Storenvy Splash

Last, but certainly not least, is one of our most requested vehicles, the Enemy VTOL Attack Jet!  We’ve had this one in the works for some time, but certain key aspects just weren’t coming together as we’d have liked.  In the end, there were some compromises, but we feel this is the best possible version of this set that we could muster, given part/color availability.

Still, we would argue that you won’t be dissatisfied with our take.  The VTOL Jet includes just about every major feature of the original toy: opening cockpit with seating for one minifigure, front Gatling cannon, rotating turret with pivoting cannon, two opening panels, a removable fuel cover, a vast array of removable missiles and bombs, and of course the pivoting wings.  This set is on sale for the duration of the pre-order period, get it before the price increases!

2015-08-21 Rattler Storenvy Splash

As for the aforementioned compromises…color was an early forgone conclusion.  There just aren’t enough of the appropriate parts available in order to release such a model in dark “Cobra” blue, so we felt standard blue was the way to go in order to adhere as closely to the classic shape of the toy.  Also, the turret, at this scale, is too small to fit a full figure, but one can include a head of a figure to “fake it”.  And the landing gear don’t retract, but hey – with bricks, anything’s easily removable.  So yank ’em off, and hang it from strings for that in-flight effect!

2015-08-21 Death From Above Teaser

All in all, these three make formidable additions to the Geewunner stable.  To grab one or all of them, head on over to our online store!  (Keep in mind that at the store, we accept PayPal and credit card)  Pre-orders of these sets will ship between September 15th and 30th.

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