Free Glider with Death From Above preorders!

2015-08-21 Death From Above TeaserThanks to fan reaction, we’re happy to update our DFA preorder period with a  giveaway as well as drop a hint of things to come!

We at Geewunner Customs are happy to say that the overwhelmingly positive reaction to our Death From Above theme – particularly the Enemy VTOL Jet – has made this theme our most successful to date.  We are currently prepping the pre-orders for shipping later this month, and are scrambling to obtain more parts to meet the demand that we foresee after the preorder copies sell out.

As a thank you to all who have participated (and as an enticement to those still debating it), we would like to announce that any preorders of DFA sets – at least one VTOL Jet AND either a single or three-pack of the Enemy Capsule – will earn a free Enemy Demolitions Expert Glider!

2015-08-21 Firefly Glider Storenvy SplashIf you’ve already ordered both sets, fear not – you have already earned your glider.  And for those that purchased either/or – you can still earn the glider by getting an order in for the other set to trigger your free glider.  Unfortunately, there is no way to eliminate shipping form a second order, but we will happily refund any overpayment in shipping for such secondary preorders.  FYI there is no need to place a glider in your order; your free glider will automatically be triggered by your order of both sets.

2015-08-21 Flight Pod Storenvy SplashOnce again, we wish to thank everyone for their enthusiasm for these new sets, as well as for the project as a whole.  Our plans for the rest of the year had been tentative, but at this point, we think we can safely say that there will be two more theme releases by the end of ’15.  We’re looking at the first one shipping in the first half of November, and the other in the second half of December.  These two year-ending themes kinda go hand-in-hand, and for now, we will offer one tantalizing hint: fans that have picked up the most recent Kreon set should anticipate being very happy.

2015-08-21 Rattler Storenvy Splash


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