Preorder: Wrestler Unit tanks, Vol. 1!

2015-11-09 Slaughter Marauder-01 TeaserListen up, you maggots!  Time to weaponize your SDCC ’15 Kreons!

As soon as I found out that Hasbro was dropping Slaughters Marauders and Iron Grenadiers Kreons at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, I knew I’d have to come up with some vehicle designs for them.  Kreo’s Triple T tank was cool, but what about the rest of the Marauders crew?  Don’t they need rides?  Of course they do!

2015-11-09 Storenvy Splash-SM-ArmadilloProblem solved.  This was a bit easier than one might think, as we’d already released the Mini Tank and Missile Tank, which these models are obviously recolor/retools of.  So all we had to do is figure out the retool aspect, and then attempt to mimic the “Neapolitan ice cream” camo of green, dark green, and brown.  In the end, I had to settle for more of a patchwork camo look, due to certain limitations of bricks and how they connect.  But every attempt has been made to get the right color at the right area of the armor.

2015-11-09 Storenvy Splash-SM-LynxThe new version of the Mini Tank was easy as pie, with little more than a recolor for the bulk of it, and a quick turret redesign.  For the Medium Tank, I took the opportunity to rework some of the design, as I’ve learned a lot since releasing the Missile Tank, and felt I could greatly improve the basic design.  This included reworking the tread pattern, as well as moving from rubber tread belts to treads comprised of individual links.  (Because of these successful changes, I’ve taken the Missile Tank off the market, and plan an eventual 2.0 based on these changes)  And of course, I needed to completely rework the turret and cannon, which may or may not be based on the cannon of another in-the-works Geewunner design…

2015-11-09 Storenvy Splash-SM-GliderLastly, we offer another one of our wacky original recolors.  The Wrestler Unit Glider is useful to the crew to do some quiet forward recon as the tanks roll over the horizon.  This set, a recolor of our original Attack Glider in the Wrestler Unit color scheme, will be given free to any preorder that includes at least one each of the two Wrestler Unit Tanks!  No need to order it through the store; if you order the two tanks, your free glider will automatically be triggered.

2015-11-09 Slaughter Marauder-01 TeaserThe preorder for these sets is now live!  Orders will ship in December, in two waves.  Orders placed on or prior to Thanksgiving Day (November 26th) will be shipped no later than December 12th.  I will then be on vacation through the 20th (jealous?), and any orders placed from November 27th on will ship between the 21st and 31st of December.  As always, orders ship in the order in which they are received.  Head over to the store via this link, or click on any of the pictures above to go directly to that set’s store entry.  Ten, hut!

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