New preorders and other exciting releases!

2015-01-18 Coastal Combat TeaserWait til you see what we have in store for you today!

Today, we here at Geewunner Customs are excited to drop the reveals of our latest wave of releases – both the Coastal Combat sets people have been aware of for a week now, plus our minifig accessory packs, which no one saw coming (more on that below).

First things first: Coastal Combat.  The big one’s been in the pipeline for quite some time, but many factors held it back until now.  But let’s not get into that one yet, lest the other get lost in the shuffle.  The Attack Windsurfer came together much more recently, when I realized that  a much smaller, similar-themed (aquatic) set to accompany the hovercraft would be keen (the fact that both are from ’84 caused an in-house working title for this theme: Offshore In ’84).  A quick experiment with existing windsurfing Lego parts yielded a set that certainly evokes the original mail-away toy, with one important caveat: color.  These parts just don’t exist in any shade of green, much less olive green.  So we went with neutral greys in addition to the black parts of the original.  We came up with a backpack design that, while it functions a bit differently than the original, it manages to hold ALL of the broken-down windsurfer parts, including the rolled-up sail – though you may want to ensure that Stalker is standing on the studs of a baseplate in order to keep from tipping.  He’s a bold one to schlep all that gear around!

2015-01-18 Attack Windsurfer StorenvySpeaking of the sail, I was originally going to use one of Lego’s existing plastic sail parts – whichever has the most neutral graphics.  However, our man Twitziller (serving in his multiple roles with this project as he does – photographer, graphics wrangler, R&D sounding board – a true Renaissance man) spoke up and said, “Why don’t we make our own sail with graphics that evoke the original?”  This, folks, is the moment where an otherwise afterthought set, brought into existence just for the fun of it, becomes one of my own personal favorites sets that we’ve done thus far.  After nearly three years of running this project, I am proud to announce our first original part.  Granted, not a brick, more of an accessory, but still very cool.  Twitziller’s graphics on the sail not only include the manta outline of the original, but his brick-ized version of the camo design is truly inspired.  Are you distracted by the grey surfboard any more?  Didn’t think so.

Okay, you want to hear about the beast.  Alright, let’s get into it.  The Assault Hovercraft was conceived quite a while back, in the earliest days of the project.  But the initial design was lacking, and I kept refining it.  As I did, I witnessed attempts by other fans, who clued in on the same hovercraft part I did as its base.  I was determined to make it better than anything I’d seen, and to shape it in dark green, probably the closest Lego color to the original Whale toy that it homages.  This proved challenging, as it has done in the past.  While a few more parts exist in that hue since I started the model in 2013, there is still a much smaller pool of dark green parts to work with than I’d like.  But I pressed on, and kept discovering interesting ways to work around the limitations of the color, and did concede to have certain parts in black, particularly the entire back section behind the main body.

2015-01-18 Assault Hovercraft StorenvyI assure you, every attempt has been made to not only capture the shape of the original, but to include as many of its original features as possible.  Refinements happened all the way up to about two weeks ago.  The list of features is as follows:

* Clamshell-style opening front ramp and windscreen/roof
* Pivoting front cannons
* Missile boxes with accurate motion: up/down pivot on a swing bar
* Removable missiles
* Switch mechanism allowing for deployment of drum charges
* Spinning fans.  Mechanism doesn’t work like the original (impossible in Lego), but a part has been included to suggest the plunger.
* Pivoting rear vanes
* The Lego skirt part is cut off at the rear.  We’ve included an addition to rear of skirt to closer evoke the original
* Fully rotating turrets with pivoting machine guns
* Buildable bike and jet boat, both of which can reside within the main body, although the boat must attach from underneath, and cannot launch, due to the limitations of the skirt part
* Piloting tower, which can hold two figures
* Removable engine covers
* Casters for free-rolling action

…and I think that’s it.  So many features, had to think about that for a while.  You will NOT be disappointed with the amount or function of these features.  It’s a big, dense model, and as such requires well over 430 parts, making it our biggest and most ambitious set to date.  And we are excited and relieved to be finally releasing it today.  However, be warned: much like our Enemy Fan Boat or Enemy Attack VTOL Jet, this one will be VERY difficult to restock after the initial preorder batch sells out.  It’ll be an open-ended run, but restock droughts will likely occur.  If you’re looking to pick this one  up sooner than later, there is no better opportunity than the preorder.  These two sets will ship in the second half of February, 15th-28th.

I bet you think we’re done now.  Oh no.  We have a surprise for you today, as well.  We are proud to announce an entire new category of sets: Minifig Accessory Packs!  Conceived a while back, we finally have our first batch of sets ready to go, and we decided to keep it as a surprise until now.  These small sets, often at price points well under $5, are intended as a way to dress up your minifigs in a manner that more accurately represents the original 80s figures, be it weapons, backpacks, or other accessories.  We’ve even been conceiving original sets such as the Arctic Commando.  These sets will, either in part or in whole, supplant what was included with the blind-bagged figures, or in some cases, provide things that weren’t included with them at all, particularly figures that were included in bigger sets.  They include buildable items, as well as Lego or 3rd party weapons and accessories that will bring the characters to life like never before!

Enemy Snow Trooper-FrontWe are happy to launch this category with 12 initial sets – hey, 12 in a wave, where have I heard that before?  We have many more conceived, and if these do well, we will continue to release them, perhaps randomly, and in between our normal cycle of themed set waves.  You’re going to want to keep your eyes glued to the store.  This first wave is a available NOW, no preorder wait.  (However, if you want them shipped right away, you will have to place a separate order.  As with all preorder items, anything ordered along with a preorder item ships with the preorder)  Too many pictures for this blog post; to get a glimpse of these sets, head over to the store, and check out the entire new category here.  Be aware that we have a limited quantity of these to begin with, as this is a bit of a test, but if they sell well, they WILL be restocked, and soon.  You will be glad to know that we have smartly labored to go heavier on the army-builder themes sets.  On that note, I will say that the Enemy Ninja Trooper will be somewhat limited in number, due to part availability, so keep that in mind.

As if all this wasn’t enough, we’ve been laboring to restock various out-of-stock items in recent weeks.  If there’s a favorite set you’ve been waiting to be restocked, you should check the store now, and if it’s still out of stock, check back soon.

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