An Open Letter To Our Fans

Avatar-01We here at Geewunner Customs would like to take a few moments to give thanks to our fans for their support, talk about what’s to come, and make a small announcement.

First things first: we are blown away by the reaction to the release of the Coastal Combat theme, particularly the Assault Hovercraft.  We knew this would be a popular release, but we must admit to some apprehension about putting our biggest set to date out there.  Would the price point scare anyone off?  Or would we hear shouts of “go big or go home!”?  Looks like the latter is the case, after all, and for that, we are thankful.  It tells us that as long as we labor to make the best possible products, the supporters will be there.  We like to think we’ve built a reputation of quality products and service, which is only justified by the sort of reaction we’ve recently seen.  What a great way to kick off the year.

Our project leader Austin would also like to make a point to publicly thank everyone who helps with the project, including the multi-talented Andrew aka Twitziller, Dave from Flag Points, his local network of nerd enablers (the best focus group one could ask for) and certainly not least, his amazing, beautiful wife Tamiko, who allows this whole operation to run out of their home office (and makes the odd run to the Post Office on his behalf now and then).  None of this could be down without all of these wonderful people.

We’ve said on may occasions that, if you keep buyin’ ’em, we’ll keep makin’ ’em, and time and again, you make sure we stay true to our word.  We’ve also said many times that if you like what we’re doing, make sure you continue to stay tuned, as we have MANY great plans for future releases, many of them in various stages of development.  We just need the time to crank them all out in free time away from day jobs.  2016 is already slated with great sets that you will want to add to your collection, and there’s no sign of slowing in 2017 and beyond.  This operation continues to grow – when we first released our Enemy Assault Quad and Enemy Jet Glider, we could not have imagined going as big as the Mobile Action Command Base or the Assault Hovercraft.  But now we know the sky’s the limit.  Early on in the run of the project, we had some elbow-jabbing request for things like a command aircraft carrier, which we brushed aside incredulously.  While we can’t say for certain what the future holds, such thoughts are not as crazy as they once were.  Suffice to say, the Hovercraft will likely not be the largest set we top out on, nor will we stop making smaller price-point sets for those who need a quick, cheap fix of plastic crack.

2015-01-18 Assault Hovercraft StorenvyWhile we have been overjoyed at the reaction to the Assault Hovercraft, we are also disappointed that some folks missed out.  Not satisfied with this situation, we have decided to labor to provide a few more copies of this sought-after set to meet the demand, and make our fans happy.  As such, we are happy to announce that there is now a small batch of additional copies available at the store as part of an extended preorder!  There IS a small catch, however – this second batch of copies of this set come with a ship-by date of March 31st.  In order to do this, we frankly need more time.  But getting in your order guarantees your copy of a set that will be VERY difficult to restock in the future, and to be honest, there’s a very good chance they’ll ship well before that date.  As always, orders go out in the order they are received, so you’re going to want to hit that “add to cart” button sooner than later.  Don’t miss out on this extended preorder!

While you’re perusing the store again, you may notice some reorganization.  We’ve sorted things differently among additional categories, in order to provide ease of navigation.  From now on, Heroes and The Enemy sets will be separated, as well as various subgroups.  Big fan of the Enemy?  No need to sift thru Heroes, Cat Unit, etc.  Hope you like the new layout.  As always, never be shy to tell us what you think at social media.  The appropriate links are at the top of this page.

Thanks again!  Let’s keep having fun with this thing.

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