A roundup of store updates!

Avatar-01Keep up with what’s going on with our custom brick sets!

Okay, first things first: check out our newly dropped accessory packs!  When we released the first batch of these, we said that more would come, and possibly without warning.  Yesterday, we quietly slipped three new packs out there: Master Sergeant, Snow Soldier, and Ninja Specialist.  Head on over to the store and check ’em out!

Ninja Specialist-FrontWe also spent the day yesterday getting some favorites back into stock, including the Enemy VTOL Attack Jet, Enemy Attack Vehicle, and Enemy Attack Trike.  Those enemy vehicles are always hard to keep stocked; people really dig the bad guys!  For those waiting on the Wrestler Unit Medium Tank, hang tight a few more days.  We plan to have it back in stock after the weekend, possibly by the end of the weekend, in fact. (**edit: It will probably be another week or so before we can stock the Medium Tank, after all, sorry.)

ContextAs we’ve done before, the time has come for some set retirements.  These sets are still available in limited quantities, but once these go, that will be all she wrote, so don’t miss out!  This time we bid adieu to the classic, early-era green machines Large Beam Cannon and the Towed Missile Launcher!  And on that note…

Context (2)Finally, we have an announcement regarding the future availability of our wildly popular Assault Hovercraft and Attack Windsurfer.  There’s good news to start, then some bad news, then we end with more good news.  It’s like a good news/bad news sandwich!

Assault Hovercraft-ContextGood news #1: tomorrow, Sunday the 28th, at approximately high noon (Pacific time) we will be posting two more copies of the Hovercraft, and three more of the Windsurfer.  The Hovercraft is still on preorder, and these last two copies will ship by the same deadline as the last batch we released, namely March 31st.  The Windsurfer is now “live”, and will ship immediately unless paired with a preorder item, as per our usual policy.

Bad news: due to part availability issues, the Hovercraft is now officially retired, and these two copies will be the last that will be made available.  No more.  Finito.  Ixnay.  Gone.  We cannot stress this enough.  This is a case of very limited part availability meeting very strong demand at a crossroads.  As for the Windsurfer, there is a distinct possibility that these may be the last three as well.  We are contemplating making a second batch of sails, but only if demand, after sellout, is palpable.  If you don’t want to risk it, you may want to grab one NOW.

Attack Windsurfer-ContextGood news #2: if you miss out on the Hovercraft, you may still be able to cobble one together.  As we’ve said in the past, once some of our retired sets sell out, we will be putting the instructions up for sale, ad infinitum.  You can always get the instructions, and try to get one together yourself with parts you may have at home, with BrickLink’s help, or to just use as a guide to make your own design.  Furthermore, as there is the strong likelihood that we will one day produce a Nocturnal Unit version of the Hovercraft (we do not anticipate part availability to be nearly as much of an issue with that version), we will include the original green version of the instructions and parts list as a bonus incentive for that set.  But it may be a while before we get around to releasing such a set, to be honest.  We have too many cool, original designs that we’re eager to put out for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for tuning in to the latest news at Geewunner Customs.  Thanks for the continued support!

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