Enemy Arms Dealer wave drops today!

2016-03-11 IG88 TeaserGet your recommended daily allowance of iron!

I just want to get this out in the open right away: I’ve always loved Destro’s Iron Grenadiers.  Sure, by the late 80s, some of the Joe stuff was getting a bit goofy, often dipping too far into the sci-fi, and straying away from the military realism.  But from a fiction standpoint, I thought the idea of Destro getting sick and tired of Cobra Commander’s shenanigans and striking out on his own made perfect sense to me.  In an era where not everything Hasbro came up with worked, updating Destro’s look with gold was a cool idea, and outfitting him with vehicles and soldiers with a dynamic look and color scheme just worked.

As such, it was an inevitable conclusion that I’d get around to creating sets that homage this theme sooner or later, and in fact, I put the original sketches of these sets together months ago – in fact prior to the SDCC Kreon set release.  Once those Kreons were announced, I knew I’d be bumping this theme – which we’ve been affectionately calling “IG88” (Iron Grenadiers ’88) – up in the ever-developing release schedule we have planned.  Originally, I had intended to drop these sets immediately after the Wrestler Unit tanks, but an opportunity came up to put the Assault Hovercraft out, and I took it.  But here we are.  There has been some intense refinement work on these the last month or so, and we even came up with some Enemy Arms Dealer themed accessory packs for your SDCC Kreons.  Read on for commentary on each set, and pay attention, because you’ll have different options for packages.

First, we have the E.A.D. VTOL.  The core fighter of the Arms Dealer’s fleet.  This compact flight pod seats a figure, and features removable missiles, positioning front cannons, positionable rear rudder/vane, and of course an opening cockpit.  The windscreen wasn’t available in trans red, but it does come printed with a cool heads-up display pattern that is partially red.  In fact, there TWO different HUD patterns available on this part, and one is more scarce than the other.  Because of this, and in anticipation of those who may want to army-build, we are offering the standard set, including the common windscreen, plus a two-pack at a reduced price, which will include one of each windscreen.

2016-03-11 Storenvy Splash-IG88-AGPNext is the Dealer’s Hover Jet.  The Dealer’s command vehicle, which he uses to survey the battlefield, and also dock with the Elevated Tank.  This set seats a figure, of course, and features styling as close to the original toy as is possible with bricks.  There is also a rotating front cannon fixture, which also positions up and down.

2016-03-11 Storenvy Splash-IG88-DespoilerRounding out the classic trilogy of Arms Dealer sets is the Elevating Tank.  This is the marquee weapon in Chromedome’s arsenal, and comes packed with features.  The most distinctive feature is the elevation aspect, and this set mirrors the original toy’s function to a tee, with no sacrifice for stability in either mode.  This set even “raises” the bar by featuring free-rolling tank treads, something the original can’t even claim.  The opening cockpit features rotating cannon AND sensor tower, a triad of rear positionable cannons, and of course sits three figures in the classic pattern.  The clamshell section opens to reveal six removable missiles, and supports a rotating/pivoting turret that also accepts the Hover Jet for docking.  This is one of our proudest achievements here at Geewunner Customs, as we feel the essence of the original’s design, features, and color scheme were captured just about as perfectly as bricks will allow.  It is one of the most complex sets we’ve produced thus far, and let me tell you, the instructions were a doozy to create!  We doubt you’ll be disappointed with this beast.  We are offering this set for preorder at $5 lower than what the ongoing retail price will be.

2016-03-11 Storenvy Splash-IG88-DemonThink that’s it?  Nah.  We also humbly offer an Arms Dealer themed Attack Quad, in the classic color scheme.  This is a standard quad for troops, and will be offered on an ongoing basis.

2016-03-11 Storenvy Splash-IG88-FerretConversely, we are also offering an Officer’s Attack Quad, also in the classic colors scheme, in an alternate pattern.  This version utilizes parts that are difficult to obtain, so this will be limited to ten pieces.  It will be initially offered only as a free gift fro those that preorder a package that includes the Hover Jet, the Elevating Tank, the two-pack of VTOLS, and the standard Quad.  We’re calling this the Enemy Arms Dealer’s Attack Pack.  If for some reason any of the ten copies aren’t taken with these packages, they may go up for sale later, but for now, it’s intended as a free incentive for going “all in”.

2016-03-11 Storenvy Splash-IG88-Officer FerretThat’s it for vehicles.  Let’s talk accessories for figures.  Did you find you SDCC or JoeCon sets lacking in accouterments?  We’ve got you covered, with five different accessory packs to fit this theme.  First we have the Arms Dealer Trooper’s pack, which consists of a gold sword, and a backpack which can hold the sword as well as a firearm.  Prefect for your trooper or officer!

2016-03-14 Enemy Arms Dealer Trooper Accessories-BackNext is the Arms Dealer Commander’s pack.  This set comprises a built-up gold backpack that suggests the original figure’s pack.  It can also hold his bird!

2016-03-14 Enemy Arms Dealer Commander Accessory Pack-BackYour Arms Dealer’s frogmen are covered too.  Here we have a dark grey scuba pack for your troops

2016-03-14 Enemy Arms Dealer Scuba Trooper Accessories-Back…and a black variant for the commander.

2016-03-14 Enemy Arms Dealer Scuba Officer Accessories-BackFinally, we have a motorized sled with removable rocket and hand-held trident for either of them.

2016-03-14 Enemy Arms Dealer Scuba Sled-FrontUnlike previous accessory pack releases, these aren’t available right away, they’re traditional preorders.  We’re also offering a preorder-exclusive pack of these sets to get all your figures geared up in one shot, and save some cash.  A $24 value for $19.99!  Only available during this preorder term, this value pack will disappear.

That’s it for the new sets, but keep in mind that we have a handful of Arms Dealer mini-subs still available!  Once these copies go, this set will be retired, unless there is strong demand to restock.

ContextThanks for your patience with this lengthy post, and thanks for the ongoing support!  We’re looking to do a quick turn-around on the next wave of sets, so look for that teaser soon…

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