Updates: restocks, policy changes, and next wave info

Get caught up on some G1er info!

Hey gang!  Today, we’re happy to announce that our store is at one of its highest levels of stock, so if there’s a certain set you’ve been waiting on, now is the time to strike!  This includes many favorite sets, particularly on the Enemy side of things: VTOL Jet, Attack Cannon, Attack Vehicle, and the Heavy Attack Trike, among others.  We will continue to labor to keep things in stock, so if they go back out of stock, stay glued to the store,; they’ll be back.

Now seems like a good time to bring to light some store policy changes.  First is shipping.  With rising shipping costs, we’ve had to update out shipping charges.  There is still an initial charge for the largest set in any order you place, and now, any additional sets ordered will incur just a small incremental charge.  In most cases, you should still come out ahead, making multiple-set orders an an incentive, but in the unlikely case that your shipping charge should turn out more than what is actually necessary, we will refund the difference.  If we ever fail to do so, please bring it to our attention, and we will happily correct the oversight.

Also, we have altered the wording of some of our policies as discussed at our FAQ page.  Primarily, we have addressed a recent rash of canceled orders (and subsequent confusion) at our store by reminding folks that while we will cancel an order at your request prior to ship, such a request may result in your refund being less any nonrefundable fees we have incurred at Stripe, PayPal, Storenvy, or any other financial entity involved in the process.  Additionally, we will retain the right to refuse future service to any party that makes repeated nuisance orders and cancellations with our store.

Finally, on a more positive note, we just wanted to remind everyone that our next wave of sets, which we have affectionately dubbed “Green Machines”, is coming soon.  We had to postpone its release and preorder drop due to some personal matters as well as heightened level of difficulty in getting the Enemy Arms Dealer sets shipped on time, but we’re just about ready to drop the Green Machines reorder, so look for that by mid-May.  We also took advantage of the delay to give the marquee set in the next wave a last-minute polishing, adding a few parts that will make it that much better of a set.  Quality is Job One at Geewunner!

Thanks for your patience, support, and for reading this post.

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