Green Machines wave preorder now live!

2016-05-13 Green Machines TeaserOur latest wave of sets is now available, for a June ship!

Originally slated for a May ship, our latest group of sets has been a labor of love that was forced to be postponed, but for good reasons – late in the game, we discovered several ways to make a couple of the sets that much better, and we feel it’s been worth the wait.  We hope you agree.

Dubbed by our inner circle as “Green Machines”, this theme of sets focuses on the early, OG13 era of ARAH.  Stuff with that gritty, real-world military feel.  After going deep into the 80s with the Enemy Arms Dealer sets, we felt it would be fun to jerk the control stick back to the beginning.  Two sets inspired by ’82 classics, one from ’83, and a bonus original set that will add greater functionality to one of these classics.  Read on, and click on any image to go to the store, and see the full photography!

2016-05-13 Storenvy Splash-Green Machines-JUMPFirst up we have the Attack Jetpack With Launchpad.  An early design that has been continually put off, we feel that now is the right time.  Many others have put together something similar, but ours has an ace in the hole: an original sticker that includes a circular graphic that apes the original toy.  This is now our second original part, following the sail from the Attack Windsurfer, released earlier this year.  The jetpack can be stored on the platform, or of course it can fit virtually ANY minifigure you have.  There will also be individual jetpacks available separately as an accessory pack – see below for more details.

2016-05-13 Storenvy Splash-Green Machines-FLAKNext up is the Multi-Purpose Cannon.  Based on the classic FLAK, this anti-aircraft cannon swivels 360, pivots up and down, has adjustable legs for all terrain, and seats one figure.  It’s stationary, a fact that has befuddled many fans over the years.  However, its legs are retractable, which leads us to…

2016-05-13 Storenvy Splash-Green Machines-FLAK Trailer…the Multi-Purpose Cannon Trailer.  This original set is designed as a companion to the Cannon, which allows it to be towed by all manner of Geewunner vehicles.  The legs of the Cannon fold up, and the entire thing can be placed onto the trailer, and not only does it attach to the trailer securely, the two upreaching bars of the trailer serve to lock the upper portion of the Cannon into place, so that it does not swivel while being transported.  Frankly, if you’re getting the Cannon, you’re going to want this bonus item too.  We just didn’t want to make it mandatory.

2016-05-13 Storenvy Splash-Green Machines-APCThe final main set of the theme is the marquee item: the Land/Sea Troop Transport.  We are proud to release what is not only one of our favorite vehicles from back in the day, but one of our favorite designs to have put together as a part of this project.  Not only does this include virtually every feature of the original, but a couple upgrades as well.  It seats two figures in the front seats, up to ten more in the seating area in back (one can squeeze a few more in by standing them sideways in the walkway), removable canvas section, rotating turret (with pivoting cannon), side storage panels with opening doors and clips for holding gear, retractable towbar, and rear extending handle.  And yes, it CAN be held up in the air, like the original, though we wouldn’t recommend swinging it around, willy-nilly!  It also comes with a host of dark tan tiles for you to customize your own camo pattern – or leave them off for a clean look.  This is a big, fun vehicle, and adds much play value for your minifigures.

Once again, the main sets are not all we’re offering this time.  We are also proud to announce five new accessory sets, that we feel tie in to the this theme.  Be sure to check out the Explosives Finder, Attack Jetpack (separate version for army building), Enemy Air Trooper Jetpack, Enemy Elite Jetpack , and our favorite, the Large Automatic Weapons Soldier set, ya dig?  There are a few copies of each of these accessory sets available now, but keep in mind that anything that is ordered with a preorder set will ship with that set, to get any of these shipped straight away will require a separate order.

2016-05-16 Large Automatic Weapons Soldier Accessories-Front-Chef Hat

That’s all for now, folks.

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