Assault Hovercraft restock and instructions on sale!

Avatar-01Like the McRib, it’s back!…for a limited time.

When our initial run of Assault Hovercrafts sold out, there was no hope in sight of securing some of the more difficult parts needed to create more copies, so we retired it.  Lo and behold, those parts were unexpectedly found recently, so we’ve decided to get together just six more copies to help meet the continued demand for this set.  We’re going to refrain from putting it back into retirement after this batch, but we cannot promise more will be produced later, so you’re going to want to act now.  These six copies are on preorder now, and will ship by July 15th.

Assault Hovercraft-ContextAdditionally, we are excited to announce that we are placing on sale a host of instructions from some of our earlier, stalwart sets.  Most of these sets have been retired – though many are still not sold out, so if you prefer to get all the parts as well, be sure to check their availability in that regard.  But if you’ve got a healthy brick collection, and want to try your hand at getting the parts together yourself, or are just happy with using our designs as a jumping-off point for your own design, then our instructions are for you!

Instructions now available include, but are not limited to, General Purpose Attack Vehicle, Attack VTOL, Enemy Attack Helicopter, and more!  Be advised that you will likely spend a lot more trying to track down all the parts from scratch if you don’t already have a burgeoning brick collection, so the full brick version may still be a good idea, depending on your circumstances.

Stay tuned as we ready our next theme for release soon!

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