Tanks For The Memories! preorder now live…

2016-07-11 Tanks For The Memories TeaserWe here at Geewunner wish to express our ‘tanks’.

This is a fun wave.  Tracked vehicles, all around, from simple recolors to all-new designs.  Early-80’s goodness.  Let’s take ’em one by one:

Enemy fans may be interested in our Infantry Fast Attack Tank.  This is our classic Fast Attack Tank, recolored in a dark blue hue, with all the same features.  We’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but not all the parts were available in dark blue.  However, the final necessary part just came out recently, so we rushed it out to market as a part of this ‘tanks’ theme.  This makes a great companion piece to the Enemy Attack Cannon.  The regular black version of the tank will go on hiatus while we promote this version, but it will be back eventually.

2016-07-09 Storenvy Splash-Tanks For The Memories-Dark Blue HISSNext up is our 2.0 version of the Missile Tank.  The original version was one of our first big sets, and as such, was limited by what we thought people were willing to go for at the time.  It also had comically oversized missile boxes  We’d been contemplating a redesign for some time, which is why we took it off the market a while back.  With the release of our recent Wrestler Unit Medium Tank, we took the time to rework the base of this model, which that model of course shares.  We then reworked the missile boxes to be more in proportion of the original classic toy.  Now, we are happy to unleash it.

2016-07-08 Storenvy Splash-Tanks For The Memories-Wolverine 2.0Now, for those that have already purchased the first version, we have good news.  While the redesign is far too complicated to offer a simple upgrade kit, we’ve come up with a way for you to upgrade and save some cash.  We’re offering a 1.0 “buyback” upgrade option.  If you own a 1.0, you can mail it back in to us to gain credit for the reduced price entry.  It would be a good idea to contact us to let us know that you plan to mail in your 1.0, but it is not necessary as long as you realize that any order including a “credit” MT2.0 will NOT ship until the returned 1.0 arrives.  With the lead time of a preorder, you should have plenty of time to mail your 1.0 in and not delay the shipment of your order.

Finally, we are excited to release the Main Battle Tank, which is of course our homage to the classic ’82 Mobat.  This is the largest tank we’ve yet designed, and every attempt was made to capture the features of the original, plus an extra original feature or two.  It features real working treads, fully rotating turret, fully rotating cupola (which moves back and forth as well), pivoting cannon, three opening panels on the turret, extra treads, opening rear box with engine detail, and seating for a Kreon.

2016-07-11 Storenvy Splash-Tanks For The Memories-MobatBefore you ask, please understand that we exhausted every possible way to make this thing motorized.  Unfortunately, all existing Lego motors are too big and complicated – not to mention tethered to wires – to be possible, and one very promising third party motor system that would have made this model fully remote controlled was just not strong enough to propel the weight of the model.  It just wasn’t meant to be, but we wanted to make sure you knew that we tried.  🙁  Look on the bright side: any motor option would have set you back quite a bit more in cost.

This is one of our bigger and more part-intensive sets, even while employing techniques to maximize part efficiency.  Treads on a tank always drive up the part count, and part count drives up costs.  This makes the Main Battle Tank one of our more expensive sets, but the good news is we’re offering this hefty set at $10 off the regular price at preorder.  Additionally, we have acquired a handful of this macrobinocular part from Clone Army Customs to include with the first ten copies of this set.  This part will help you customize your Main Battle Tank driver.  So you’re going to want to take advantage of the preorder to get this beast!

These sets are on preorder NOW at our store, with a ship-by date of August 31st.  Thanks for the continued support!  Now we crack our knuckles and get to work on the next wave…

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