New accessory sets and Chaos Highway photos!

2017-09-09-chaos-gang-turbine-attack-car-contextGear up more of your Kreons, and get a gander at the latest sets!

2017-09-09-chaos-attack-trike-contextFirst things first: head on over to the store to get a look at the final photos for our Chaos Highway trio – namely, the Turbine Attack Car, the Chaos Attack Trike, and the Sneak Attack Trike!

2017-09-09-chaos-sneak-attack-trike-contextWe here at Geewunner are also excited to release another batch of minifig accessory pack sets.  These newly released sets include:

* Chaos Gang Metal Cutter – a wire-frame pack for Ripper!
* Chaos Gang Flamethrower – get Torch a pack for his flamethrower.
* Enemy Leader Accessories – this multi-faceted set allows you to dress up your regular Cobra Commander Kreon, or create hooded/caped variants.
* Enemy Private Contractor – an homage to ’83 Major Bludd.
* Enemy Brainwasher – Get your Mindbender Kreon closer to the original toy!
* Enemy Anti-Tank Expert – beef up your Scrap-Iron Kreon!
* Enemy Robot Soldier – B.A.T.S. pack
* Computer Soldier – Better gear for Mainframe.
* Tropical Warfare Expert – Recondo needs swag!
* Explosives Disposer – Tunnel Rat’s pack with flood lights!

All of these sets are on preorder for now, but will be available to ship by the end of September along with Chaos Highway.  if you currently have a preorder with us, and wish to add these, you will have to place a second order, and we will gladly refund your shipping from the second order.

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