Change to future release pattern and new set teasers!

2016-10-06-stranger-than-fiction-teaser-silhouette-01Going forward, your only chance to acquire new Geewunner sets will likely be during the preorder period only.  Full details after the jump.

Today we are excited to tease out the next wave of sets we have planned for this holiday season, and want to make sure you’re aware of our changing release plan for future sets.

First things first – check out the silhouette teaser for our upcoming sets, which as a group are dubbed “Stranger Than Fiction”, as they are all based on technology that was originally only featured in various G.I. Joe stories, either comics or the classic animation.  Some of these have been oft-requested, and while they’ve been in various stages of development for some time, we were waiting for the right time to release them.  We’ll be revealing the full color renders of these soon, and as soon as the photos are ready – hopefully in about a week or so – the preorder will drop for them.

2016-10-06-stranger-than-fiction-teaser-silhouette-01On that note, we have made decisions to change how we release new sets from now on, and we want to make sure the public is fully aware of these changes, as they may affect whether you’re able to acquire a set going forward.

While our patronage has boiled down to a hard core of regular buyers, the overall flow has waned a bit, most likely due to the cancellation of Joe Kreo by Hasbro…and we get it.  Sometimes it’s hard to be excited about a line of product when there’s no longer any more being produced.  And this can affect tangential product such as ours.  Still, we feel we have enough momentum to keep this project going thanks to those remaining staunch fans.  We still have AT LEAST another year’s worth of sets that are release-worthy, if not more like two years.  And there’s always new stuff being worked on.

However, this also means that we must make changes to how we do things in order to keep the operation profitable and worth our time.  What we’ve decided to do is set up new sets for preorder, and then once those orders are filled, retire those sets.  If we sell 3 copies of a set during a preorder period, 30, or 300 – we’ll fill those orders and then cancel the set.  No ongoing stock refills.  This means that your only chance to get a set will likely only be during its preorder period.  We will probably round up copies to the nearest 5 or 10 – i.e. if 27 preorders come in for a certain set, there’s a good chance we’ll just go ahead and make an even 30, and let the three remaining sets get grabbed up after the fact.  But by doing this, we’ll take the ongoing guesswork out of whether people will want more copies later, which removes the necessity to always be buying forward on parts, which will tighten up the overall operation.  Also, doing this will allow us to more quickly move on to the next wave of sets. which will benefit those regular patrons.

Now, if a certain set proves to be as wildly popular as, say, our Enemy VTOL Attack Jet or Assault Hovercraft, and we get enough requests for it down the line, we MAY choose to offer a “second chance” at a set by offering it up for preorder a second time.  In fact, what is possible is every six months or so, we may offer an entire theme of 2-4 of these “second chance” sets.  But this is ONLY if there’s enough demand, and there is NO guarantee of this.  If you truly want to make sure you acquire a set, you’re going to want to make sure you pull the trigger during the preorder phase.

This also means that pretty much all older sets are now “retired”, and will eventually run out of copies.  We do have enough parts on hand for some of the newer sets to make sure at least another ten copies or so of most of them can be supplied, but if there are older sets you’ve been eyeballing, it won’t be around forever.  A set may sell out forever without warning.

So here’s how it will work: we’ll tease out the CG images of a set early to start getting interest going – as we’ve done here today – over the course of about a week or two.  And then the once the photos are ready, we’ll drop the preorder, which will last for about 3 weeks to a month, depending on different factors.  Then, once that period is over, we’ll stop taking preorders, and then take about a month to fill and ship those orders.  Amid this decision, we have also changed how we prepare new copies of sets, and have employed new techniques to further reduce the chances of missing parts or other issues.  All part of constantly working to make this a better product line.

Look for the full-color teasers of the Fiction sets, and the preorder drop, soon!

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