Stranger Than Fiction: revealed!

2016-10-06-stranger-than-fiction-teaser-01Get a look at our upcoming sets, and learn all the details!

First, a quick reminder: as we stated last time, we’re doing things a bit different going forward.  We teased out these sets earlier in the week, and now we’re revealing the full CG renders of this theme.  Soon, we’ll drop the preorder along with the full photography, so you’ll know 100% what you’re getting. For now, let’s break these sets down…

We’ve been wanting to release sets based on vehicles and tech that were exclusive to the original Joe comic or cartoon for some time, and these designs have been coming together for a while.  Finally, we felt the time was right.

2016-10-06-storenvy-splash-stranger-than-fiction-enemy-drill-tankFirst up is the Enemy Drill Tank, based on the vehicle seen prominently in “Twenty Questions” and, to a lesser extent, a version from (I think Part II of) “Arise, Serpentor, Arise!”  It’s got fully operation tank treads, seating for a driver, a removable cover for a storage area, and fully spinning drill.  There is also room for an additional figure or two to stand behind/beside the driver, and a ring to allow the hook of the Assault Helicopter to pick it up (synergy!).  Just picture Ol’ Snake operating this thing.

Next is the Enemy Teleporter.  We don’t have to tell you what this device is based on.  Granted, a toy of the M.A.S.S. Device was eventually cobbled together by “the company” in the late aughts, but this still feels like correcting an oversight from the good ol’ days.

2016-10-06-storenvy-splash-stranger-than-fiction-enemy-teleporterThis set attempts to not only capture the vibe of the animation model, but that recent toy as well.  It features a positionable/rotating main barrel, positionable side cannons, rolling wheels, opening side doors that reveal an inner storage/mechanical area, a rear platform for figures to stand on, and a flatbed cart for figures to push elements around on.

Finally, we have the Enemy Assault Helicopter.  Of course inspired by the classic comic-exclusive Cobra Sky Crane, this air support vehicle is the rare Enemy vehicle that is more of a workhorse than a flat-out war vehicle.  Using a recent official Lego arctic helicopter as a basis, the design was embellished and reinforced to more closely resemble the comic model.  It wasn’t too difficult; both the comic model and the Lego design seem to have taken similar cues from real-world examples of such copters.  This set is loaded with features: removable cockpit that seats a pilot, partially rotating and fully pivoting chin cannon, free rolling landing gear including rotating front wheels, side handles for figures to hang off of, fully rotating main and rear propellers, and a fully operational winch with grappling hook.  While we attempted to hew as close as possible to the comic model, we are also including two additional dark blue cannons that you can use to customize your copter further, should you decide that its weapons array is not beefy enough.

2016-10-06-storenvy-splash-stranger-than-fiction-enemy-assault-helicopter-01That’s just the copter!  The set also comes with a substantial storage container with drop-down door.  This crate is big enough to hold a compliment of troop figures standing tall, as well as smaller vehicles, like our Assault Quad.  Also, its side panels are removable, if you prefer more of an “open” crate look.  And of course, it’s got a ring for the copter to grapple it with its hook.  When fully retracted, the copter can carry the box under its belly.  One final note on this set: the above CG render doesn’t do it full justice.  Certain parts used to complete its final look (such as its cockpit) don’t yet exist in the program we use to create these renders (and the instructions), but our man Twitziller did an AMAZING job to craft reasonable facsimiles for this teaser.  As such, we ask that you refrain from fully judging its look until you see the photos.

On that note, please stay tuned, as the preorder for these sets will drop any day now.  These three sets will be offered individually, but there will be a special “all in” package that not only earns you FREE SHIPPING when you buy all three, but will also come with a free copy of the classic Assault Quad, which will give you something to tote around in that box!  After it begins, we will be ending the preorder for these sets on November 10th, in order to be able to guarantee shipping by Xmas.  Remember that the preorder will likely be your only shot at obtaining these sets.  Don’t miss out, and thanks for the support!

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