Geewunner’s 4th Anniversary Sale-a-bration!

Avatar-01It’s March Madness!

Can you believe it’s been four years that we’ve been doing this?!?  Well, that’s not entirely true.  We were selling Ghost Chaser Ambulances and other early sets since 2011, but that was all very guerrilla, and primarily based at online auction sites.  After the release of Hasbro’s G.I. Joe Kreo sets, we decided to go whole hog on making companion sets for that line, and it was in March of 2013 that we first started getting our original Jet Glider and Assault Quad sets out into the world. Primarily – again – at auctions, but before long, we had our store going, and the rest is history.

We’re still going strong, and we’ve got at least another year’s worth of releases coming your way – in fact, probably more like two years.  Some of them will blow you away!  Heck, we’re working hard as we speak to bring you the next exciting wave of our sets.  But in the mean time, we want to celebrate our anniversary, show appreciation to our loyal patrons, and hold a big sale.  Now’s the time to catch up on some of our older releases!

With most of our past sales, we’ve gone through our stock, piecemeal, and decided to drop prices on sets on an individual basis.  For this one, we decided to keep it simple, and do something that makes sense for the anniversary.  So what we’ve decided to do is take a full 25% off of everything in the store.  That’s right: 4 years, 1/4 off!  And we mean EVERYTHING in the store. No exceptions.  Even with past sales, our discounts rarely reached as deep as 25%.  This is our biggest sale yet!

Now, to take advantage of this offer, you’ll need a special code.  It’s not a secret; please feel free to pass it on.  But you’ll need to enter this code at checkout to get the sale price:


This sale will run for two weeks,  through March 14th.  Keep in mind, despite some recent restocks, supplies of certain sets are limited, and we’re rapidly approaching sellouts of some older classics.  Don’t miss out on this unprecedented offer.  Thanks for everyone’s support in making Geewunner successful!

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