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2017-03-23 Bio Hazard TeaserLet’s get toxic!

Time for another wave of quality Geewunner brick sets.  We’ve been sitting on this theme for a while now, refining the sets to the last minute, and now it’s time make them available.  Some fans have been bugging us to make these sets ever since the 2013 JoeCon Kreon set came out, and after putting out a couple of original cycle sets as a stopgap, we eventually designed the three classic sets, and while waiting for the right time to release them, it was decided to update those cycles, and even add a couple of trailer ideas to pad out the theme.  This is a one-and-done theme; there will not be a Vol. 2.  So there’s plenty here to fill out your world of Biohazard Wars.

2017-03-29 Enemy Biohazard Toxin Quad-ContextBefore we get into the classics, let’s cover those updated cycles and quads.  First up is the completely reworked Enemy Biohazard Toxin Quad.  formerly orange, we changed it to red to match the Enemy Toxin Fast Attack Tank (more on that set and the choice in colors a bit later in this post), and changed the weaponry to things more in step with the theme.  We imagined an alternate universe where Hasbro may have retooled and recolored a Ferret to act as a companion to the Septic Tank, and added a big water cannon to the side.  Silly?  Over the top?  Of course!  Hey, we’re talking 90s colors and gimmicks – go big, or go home, right?

2017-03-29 Biohazard Cycle 2-Pack 1.5-ContextNext is a 1.5 take on our Biohazard Cycles two-pack.  Decked out in bright lime green, these smaller vehicles allow the Hero to not only get to the emergency site in a  hurry, but engage the Enemy upon arrival.  Slightly retooled from the original version(s), we think they fit in well with this theme.  We hope you agree.  Think of them as an “Eco RAM II and Eco Paw”.

2017-03-29 Biohazard Capture Quad-ContextThird in the lineup is a vehicle limited to 12 copies.  The Biohazard Capture Quad will be given away free with the ‘big’ package (read on for two different package offers for this theme).  Sporting stylish blue and yellow, it’s a companion to the Biohazard Anti-Toxin Scout Vehicle.  The primary reason for limiting it is the fact that it utilizes a Kreo grabbing claw, which we have in limited numbers.  The claw tucks behind the vehicle when not in use, but can swing out to grab zombies for later disposal.

2017-03-29 Biohazard Rescue Trailer-ContextSince the original toys of the two classic vehicles had towing ability, and therefore our brick versions would, we got to thinking about what sort of trailers they might tow.  Thinking back to the aforementioned alternate universe, what if Hasbro had released a trailer for one of the vehicles, and then recolored/retooled it for the other?  And what sort of utility would those trailers serve?  Why not a zombie capture trailer for the Enemy, and a toxic cleanup Rescue Trailer for the Heroes?

2017-03-29 Enemy Biohazard Capture Trailer-ContextThe Biohazard Rescue Trailer is the perfect tool for the Heroes to clean up the emergency site, and it allows for storage and hauling of several Kreo barrels (not included), either standing (as pictured) or on their sides between the panels (a stack of 5 in semi-pyramidal fashion is easy to achieve).  Meanwhile, the Enemy Bohazard Capture Trailer helps keep rogue zombies from getting too far away from the Lab.  Both feature a hinged trailer door, and can be towed by virtually any Geewunner vehicle that features towing capability.

2017-03-29 Biohazard Anti-Toxin Scout Vehicle-ContextNow, let’s talk classics.  Hard to believe we’re using the term “classic” to describe early-90s inspirations, but hey – that era was somebody’s first Joe era, so we’re treating it with respect.  First we have the Biohazard Anti-Toxin Scout Vehicle, which is of course based on the Eco Striker.  Unfortunately, limitations of part colors forced us to make some minor changes, like keep the roll cage black , and change the wheels to yellow, but it’s all part of the original color scheme, and we think it works well.  Features include towing capability (didn’t we just mention that?), seating for two, running boards for more figures to stand on, and a rotating canon with hose attached to the passenger side “camera”.  Danger stripe tiles added to seal the look!

2017-03-29 Enemy Biohazard Fast Attack Toxin Tank-ContextNext is the Enemy Biohazard Fast Attack Toxin Tank (say THAT three times fast!).  Obviously our take on the Septic Tank, itself a HISS retool, it was tough to capture that louvered canopy, but I think we got it right, given what’s available in bricks.  Now, we realize the original’s shade is sort of a halfway point between orange and red, but given that not all of the parts necessary to recapture our Fast Attack Tank are available in orange – not to mention that Lego orange is perhaps a bit too orange for the set – we decided that going to regular red wasn’t the end of the world.  Again, it’s based on our own Fast Attack Tank, so you’re likely familiar with its basic features, but of course we sculpted the canopy and main cannon out of yellow bricks for effect.

2017-03-29 Enemy Biohazard Lab-ContextFinally, we have the big ‘un – the one we’ve gotten so many requests for.  The Enemy Biohazard Lab is our take on the surprisingly popular Toxo Lab, a toy I did not realize until recently was so darn beloved!  We’ve taken every opportunity to get this one right, but before we run down the features, let’s address color.  Yes, this might have looked more appropriate in Lego’s shade of dark purple, but alas, there is a very limited swath of parts available in that color, and in the effort to get this one right as far as structural look and features, that thought was quickly discarded in favor of going with standard blue, which not only made the build that much better, but is an existing Biohazard Wars color.  Also, the green is a standard green, as lime green – arguably closer to the toy – has the same problem as dark purple.  What can I say?  Call Lego and yell at them.

2017-03-29 Enemy Biohazard Lab-Feature CollageThat unpleasantness aside, this playset retains all of the features of the original toy, plus a couple new aspects.  The chair swivels, the cannon pivots and rotates, and the crane arm can be positioned any number of ways (and can hold a minifig by the leg!).  There’s a removable dipstick, the cylinder splits for addition/removal of minifigs, and minfigs can be positioned just about anywhere on this set.  When we realized there was a lot of unused volume in the base that was going to waste, we put on our thinking cap, and gave it a couple of new gimmicks: there’s a sliding “morgue” storage drawer, and not one but two storage doors which hold either of two included tools: an axe or an electronic prod.  Gotta keep those Toxo-Zombies in check!  Overall, we think you’ll be pleased with the faithful design and tons of play features involved in this set.  Heck – we’ve even added a ladder with printed handles in the back to explain how the Enemy toxin scientist gets up there to work his voodoo!

2017-01-04 Biohazard Specialist Leader Accessoriess-FrontAs usual, we just couldn’t let it stand there.  We’re also excited to release five new minifig accessory sets relating to this theme, which will gear up every figure in your JoeCon Kreon set.  We thought it would be fun to capture those old, oversized water weapons in brick form, with a couple of more modern gear items thrown in.  The Biohazard Specialist Leader, Biohazard Toxin Removal, and Biohazard Toxin Neutralizer sets cover your three ecological warriors, while the Enemy Biohazard Trooper gives your zombies the purple backpack and big honkin’ green gun of yore.  Also, as a goof, we’ve designed a biohazard-themed version of our Jetpack.  What will we think  of next?!?  These accessory sets are available individually, or in a special pack that includes one copy each of all five of the sets, plus an additional two copies of the Enemy Biohazard Trooper set, so that all three of your con set troopers are covered, all at a discount.  This accessory ‘attack pack’ is available only during this preorder.

2017-01-04 Enemy Biohazard Trooper Accessories-FrontAll but one of the sets described in this blogpost are offered individually, but as usual, we’ve got package deals for you – two this time.  If you’re strictly about vintage, classic stuff that you had as a kid, we have a deal with all three classic sets – the Scout Vehicle, Fast Attack Tank, and Lab – plus one ‘attack pack’ set of the minifig accessories.  This Classic Attack Pack will ship for free, and is for this preorder only.  Secondly, we’re offering the All-In Attack Pack for every set in this theme, the accessory ‘attack pack’, plus the Biohazard Capture Quad, which is exclusive to this package only.  You’ll get this set free, on top of the free shipping.  This package is limited to a quantity of 12, as that’s all the Capture Quads we will make available, so it’s while supplies last.  If for some reason there are any Capture Quads left after the preorder, we may make those available later, but there is no guarantee.

2017-01-04 Biohazard Toxin Removal Accessories-FrontI wish I could say we were done, right there.  I wish we could!  But heck – why not throw one more accessory set in the mix?  This one is not technically part of this theme, and we were originally going to hold it back for a future, more vintage theme, but we decided it kinda fit this time.  The Flame Trooper accessory set, complete with third party olive green flamethrower and yellow tank pack, will allow your flamethrower soldier to toast many a zombie! (Note: this set is not a part of either of the above packages; it is merely another set made available simultaneously).

2017-01-04 Flame Trooper Accessories-FrontAre we finished now?  Lemme check…um…let’s see…yeah, okay, we’re done now.  I’m sure we’ve overwhelmed you with this theme, and rest assured, the next few themes will feature a smaller number of new sets.  Still, this one was fun to design and get together.  We hope you’ll have fun with it too!  Head on over to the store to place your order.  Preorders will be open until April 30th, with all orders shipping by May 31st.

On the next exciting episode of Geewunner: Blades Of Glory!

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