Chopper Challenge preorder is now live!

2017-04-26 Chopper Chase TeaserGet ready for some high-flying fun!

This theme is another one that’s been a long time coming.  We hope you think it’s been worth the wait.

2017-06-01 Chopper Challenge - Chaos Gang Chopper Motorcycle-ContextFirst up, we have an unusual entry, in both this theme, and in the oeuvre that is the Geewunner collection.  For starters, it’s not even an actual Geewunner original design, and we want to be clear that we aren’t taking credit for it.  The Chaos Gang Chopper Motorcycle is in fact taken directly out of a Lego clone brand’s existing WWE wrestling licensed set.  We had an opportunity to purchase a certain quantity of these sets at a discount, and realized it would be great to “repackage” the bike in the set as a sort of “accessory” set, though not in the same vein as our line of minifig accessory sets.  It’s still a vehicle, and you still assemble it, but it’s also not an original design.  From the time I became involved in the online Joe fan community at the outset of the Joe Kreo line, and even after I started releasing our custom sets, it was clear that fans wanted some form of “stock” chopper for the Dreadnoks.  In fact, I believe I recall seeing fans mention the set that this chopper comes from as a possible fix for that yearning.  So I thought some folks might like to acquire one (or three) for less than the full set cost at retail.  It’s available by itself, or as a three-pack, if you want to supply all three classic Noks with a ride.  Even if you think  it would be too “samey” for all three Noks to ride the same bike, keep in mind this is the brick world, and you can change up/customize them a bit to differentiate.  Please note that there is a finite number of these sets available, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

2017-06-01 Chopper Challenge - Explorer Team Amphibious Claw Helicopter-Context-02The second entry in this theme is another nod to the Adventure Team crowd, something we plan to keep doing in the coming months.  The Explorer Team Amphibious Claw Helicopter is an obvious homage to the Capture Copter of yore, and as such, is more or less a recolor and retool of our very popular Explorer Team Helicopter.  It’s not really any bigger, but it involves almost twice the part count.  It features balloon landing skids, spinning rotor blade, seating for one minifig, real working winch and hook, an opening (built-up) canopy, and front claws that function just like the original toy.  Grasp those beasts, and fly them away!

2017-06-01 Chopper Challenge - Assault Helicopter-ContextTo complete the trio, we have what you’ve all been waiting for today – the Assault Helicopter.  I’ve been waiting for the right time to release this model, which has been in the works for some time.  I witnessed others attempting to capture the beloved Tomahawk in brick form, and many people have done excellent work, with some great ideas, but I still felt the vibe of the original toy was escaping these works, and I was determined to accomplish that elusive goal.  It’s entirely up to others as to whether I was successful, but I’m pretty happy with it, as are several Geewunner “insiders”.  So, the time to unleash it on the world is now.  What do you think?

2017-06-01 Chopper Challenge - Assault Helicopter-Contents-02This is our biggest and most part-intensive set to date, partially due to the brick-built camo, and involves several parts that are rare in the particular color (most of them tan).  Every attempt to capture the original features has been made: classic styling, spinning rotors, rotating rear fan with spinning blades, seating for two minifigs in the cockpit and at least five in the cargo hold, opening rear ramp, undercarriage turret with positionable guns, twin (third party) machine guns, six removable rockets, two removable bombs, removable engine covers, and opening canopy.

2017-06-01 Chopper Challenge - Assault Helicopter-Feature Collage-02Speaking of the canopy…  I feel that it’s the single thing that really pulls this design all together.  As I said a moment ago, I witnessed other good designs come together, but many were missing something.  I wasn’t even going to START working on a Tomahawk design until I knew I’d found the right windscreen.  I looked for a while.  And then it appeared out of nowhere.  Once I hit upon the idea of using this windscreen, I quickly ordered one, and started working on a full design before it even arrived, trusting that the advertised dimensions would work with what I was concocting.  Thankfully, it did.  I like to think it’s one of the best designs I’ve ever done.

2017-06-01 Chopper Challenge - Assault Helicopter-Feature Collage-01I’m sorry to say that I’m not going to reveal exactly where it comes from at this time, except that it IS a Lego product, and it’s an older, “vintage” part that was only available for a short window of time.  As such, there’s a scant few available on the secondary market.  In fact, I myself grabbed up the less than twenty that were available at Bricklink in anticipation of this release.  And that, in turn, means that this is a VERY limited set – more so than even the Assault Hovercraft, or other sets that I’ve warned fans about before.  If you’re serious about this set, you’re definitely going to want to jump on it right away.  Once the initial run sells out, I hope to acquire more windscreens to be able to put out more, but it will all depend on if sellers offer them.  I’ll be keeping an eye out.  In the mean time, don’t say we didn’t warn you.  Also be warned that these windscreens are in used condition, and while none of them are objectionable as far as scratches or imperfections, the best ones will go out with the first sets sold, and so on.  More incentive to order early!

2017-06-01 Chopper Challenge - Assault Helicopter-BackDid I imply that just three different sets were available in this theme?  As usual, in this regard, I lied.  We have two new minifig accessory sets for you, and they go well with this theme.  First is the Attack Helicopter Pilot set, which helps you not only dress up your existing Wild Bill Kreon with a Lego hat with printed cavalry crest and silver pistols, but also alternate gear to help you create an “animation look” custom, including a yellow vest, tan cowboy hat, and blue flight helmet and visor (inspired by the modern figure).  Yee-haw!  Also, we have the Field Doctor accessory set.  Gear up your Doc minifig with a new backpack, med case with removable lid – which can hold at least two of the three medical tools the set comes with – and finally, a built-up flare mortar.  Doc has never been so well equipped!

As usual, for the all-in types, we have two versions of the complete package available, at a slight discount, and with free shipping.  Both versions include both helicopters and both accessory sets, while Version 1 includes just one Chaos Gang Motorcycle, and Version 2 includes the full 3-pack.  Never let it be said that Geewunner’s not all about choices.  This preorder is open until the last day of June (Friday the 30th), and any orders that contain one or more of these preorder sets will ship by July 31st.  However, if the Assault Helicopter sells out earlier than that date, we will close the preorder early and begin the month-long preparations to ship at that time, meaning a likely much-earlier ship date than the end of July .  Still more incentive to order early!

And if you STILL need more chopper action this month, we’re also offering several previously available helicopter sets reissued for this preorder, including the Enemy Assault Helicopter, Attack Helicopter, Explorer Team Helicopter, Enemy Attack Helicopter, and the Explorer Team Rocket Helicopter.

Next time on Geewunner Customs: Geewunner saw Sea Serpents!

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