Geewunner wants to give you free sets!

Avatar-01Find out how to earn free copies of our original brick sets!

In the past, we’ve offered free sets for preorder packages, during sales, or when one triggers certain order totals, but usually for a short term.  However, today we are excited to launch what we intend to be an ongoing promotion: the chance to earn free sets the more you order!

ContextWe’ve launched five new categories at the store, chock full of free sets that can be triggered by placing an order of certain amounts.  The more you buy, the more you get!  Level 1 consists of sets that you can earn by placing an order – prior to shipping or any fees – of at least $100.  Level 2 triggers at $150, Level 3 at $200, Level 4 at $250, and Level 5 at $300.  While many of the sets offered at lower levels are some of our smaller and more original concept sets, each level ramps up the juiciness of the size and canonicity (is that a word, or a Police album?!?).  At the time of this promotion’s launch, we have thirty-five (35!) sets available as free add-ons.  Check ’em out!

Context-SWhat’s also great is that these freebies are cumulative – which means you can earn up to five sets in an order!  And if you don’t like any of the sets in a certain level, you can always disregard them and instead choose another set from one of the previous levels.  At Geewunner, we give you choices!

Context-SNow, there’s always a catch.  In this case, restrictions and limitations do apply.  To earn the free sets, one must place an order of at least two of our original brick sets.  After that, you may add any number of other product ordered in the store to trigger your free set(s).  While preorder sets do apply on an individual basis, “all-in” packages (with benefits such as free shipping or exclusive add-ons) do not apply.  Free sets that have been added to an order, but have not been fully earned based on our criteria, will be disregarded.  Which sets are available as freebies depends on availability and our whim, so you may see sets come and go from the freebie levels.  And while we do currently see this as an ongoing promotion, we reserve the right to end it at any time.  If at any time you need a reminder of this promotion’s limitations, you can visit our store’s FAQ page.

ContextBut enough of that.  FREE SETS!!!  Head over to the store now to see what you can get for free!

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