Sea Serpents preorder is now live!

teaserIt’s time to go under the sea!

We here at Geewunner are excited to unleash our latest pool of sets!  Five new sets, all “Enemy” sea vehicles, and at least one that’s been requested of us from virtually the beginning of this project over four years ago.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Let’s take ’em on, one by one.

Our first offering is the Enemy Diver Attack Boat, obviously a take on the Cobra Hydro Sled.  With the EELs being probably the most common Kreon army builder out there (we’ve observed that Series 2 was the most produced blind bagged series of Kreons, but maybe that’s just us), we’ve been wanting to do this one for a while, but we couldn’t quite crack it.  Our man Twitziller was on us for a while to do so, but we kept waving him off, lol.  Thankfully, a certain part was recently produced by Lego in basic red, and that led to this design.  Our version accommodates two Kreons, features removable torpedoes, speargun with removable spear, and positionable rear paddle.

2017-07-30 Sea Serpents - Enemy Diver Attack Boat-ContextNext is the Enemy Defense Platform.  Now, this one was kind of a goof.  We were looking into the possibilities of a second volume of Wrestler Unit sets, and Twitziller – always the instigator – pointed out that there was a Slaughter’s Marauders recolor of the Battle Barge in…I wanna say South America?  Weird.  After considering it, we realized it was possible, and then reverse-engineered a recolor based on the classic (?) Battle Barge.  With an Enemy sea-vehicle based theme being planned, we thought, why not throw this wacky, late-80s “vehicle” in there?  so here you go.  Like it or lump it, it’s here.  It features seating for three minifigs, positionable guns at all three stations, and a radar array tower.  What’s cool is, our design makes is so that when you stand the model on a flat surface, it sort of “balances” on a center pin, and it gives the whole thing sort of a buoyancy that makes it seem like its floating on the waves.  Very cool.  You can also spin it like a top!  Admit it – you thought this model was dumb at first, but now you need it in your life.  We get it.  We’re now going to use the Men In Black flash pen to make you forget that we mentioned a second Wrestler Unit theme.

2017-07-30 Sea Serpents - Enemy Defense Platform-ContextThe Enemy Mini Attack Sub was another sort of late-in-the-game entry.  Having already designed the Enemy Arms Dealer Mini Sub, we figured it would be easy to just recolor that model to more closely match the Modern Era toys it was based on, the Sting Raider.  We eschewed the original 2004 version, and instead chose to mimic the 2009 recolor, now known as the Mantis Attack Craft.  It also sort of matches the coloring for some of these other Sea Serpents vehicles, so it just made all kinds of sense.  Like the Arms Dealer version, it features seating for one minifig, four removable torpedoes, positionable engines with spinning fans, and a positionable front claw.

2017-07-30 Sea Serpents - Enemy Mini Attack Sub-ContextNext: the Enemy Flying Attack Sub.  The Sea Ray was always a vehicle I liked back in the day, as I saw it as sort of Cobra’s answer to the SHARC: a submersible flying craft.  The split-into-two-separate-vehicles feature was kind of goofy and unnecessary to me, but that was the order of the day (seemed like everything 87-89 split into multiple units, no?).  Still, the utility of a flying submarine, and the cool coloring and styling made it seem even more like a flying shark than the SHARC did.  So I’ve been wanting to tackle it in brick for for some time.  Once I completed the final look of the main set for this theme (hang tight, it’s coming), and decided on the Enemy sea vehicles theme, I knew it was time to try it.  I think it came out pretty good.  I still made sure to work up the goofy split feature, but everything else is there – room for a Kreon in the cockpit, one under the hull, one more in the “hang glider” position, removable engine cover, twin front guns, and eight removable torpedoes.

2017-07-30 Sea Serpents - Enemy Flying Attack Sub-ContextOkay, enough screwing around – here’s the big fish.  As I said, this model has been requested of Geewunner since the beginning, way back when we were just offering our takes on the Ferret or CLAW.  But we needed time to work up to this.  We hope you feel it was worth the wait.  The Enemy Attack Hydrofoil is our loving homage to the Cobra Moray, apparently a much more popular vehicle than I ever knew.  As a kid, I had my favorite vehicles, but they usually weren’t of the seafaring variety.  Imagine my surprise these recent years to learn how beloved the Hydrofoil was!  But I’m happy to oblige the brick version.

2017-07-30 Sea Serpents - Enemy Attack Hydrofoil-ContextSpeaking of which, this take retains just about all the features of the original, and even adds a couple.  First and foremost, obviously, are the retractable foils.  Trying to figure out how to do this kept me from trying to tackle this vehicle for some time.  But I think you’ll be satisfied with the end result.  The opening missile launcher is there, as are the twin rockets, and upper turret with positionable gun.  This model also re-purposes the 3rd party machine guns that were recently utilized on the Assault Helicopter.  You’ve got opening battle canopies, rotating spotlight, removable torpedoes, retractable foils, and removable charge cases with four depth charges each.  The engine cover is removable, and we’re including optional black curved slopes to switch out with the plain grey up front, giving you the option to suggest the snake graphics of the original toy.  There’s even a bonus storage area up front – a happy accident due to the nature of the parts used.  Store your EELs’ gear while they work the machine guns!

2017-07-30 Sea Serpents - Enemy Attack Hydrofoil-Feature Grid-01That’s it.  Wait – no it’s not!  There’s one more bonus item in this new theme:  the Enemy Elite Jet Glider.  This red recolor of one of our famous (infamous) smaller sets just recently became a possibility, due to certain parts just becoming available in red.  This basic set will be available by itself, but a special version, including two bonus white bombs (to mimic the Modern Era version of the toy), will come FREE to those who get the Sea Serpents All-In Attack Pack.  This special buy includes all six sets, including the free Jet Glider with white bombs, shipped FREE.

2017-08-07 Sea Serpents - Enemy Elite Jet Glider-Contents-BonusWe’re excited to finally get these sea monsters released, and we hope you are too!  Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm of what we do here.  We sometimes like to give hints at our next theme, but we’re currently hoping to get something very ambitious out by the holidays, and are not 100% sure if we can pull it off.  So I’ll simply say for now, see you next time!

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