New preorders of some old favorites!

Avatar-01Here is your opportunity for another grab at some hard-to-get sets!

Periodically, we get requests for past sets that have sold out.  We usually politely say something like, “You never know when it might come back; watch the store and our presence at social media.”  Well, now is the time for some of these to come back, albeit in limited numbers in most cases.

At first, this was looking like it would be a mainly sea-themed reissue wave, which was great to follow up our recent Sea Serpents wave.  But we decided to add a couple more sets to this reissue campaign.  Here’s what’s available during the preorder in September (click on each picture to go to that set’s entry at the store):

Assault Hovercraft
Assault Hovercraft-ContextAlways one of our most popular sets, every wave we’ve offered previously has sold out, leaving other wanting.  We’ve managed to scrape a half dozen more copies together, and are happy to offer them up.

Mobile Action Command BaseContextOur first, and still biggest, playset.  Makes a great companion to your official Terrordrome!

Fast Attack Boat 2.0
Another big favorite here at Geewunner.  Compact action!

Attack WindsurferAttack Windsurfer-ContextOur first set with an original part, namely the sail.

Assault Helicopter2017-06-01 Chopper Challenge - Assault Helicopter-ContextJust six more copies, with little chance of more to be produced after that!

Enemy Teleporter2016-10-25 Stranger Than Fiction-Enemy Teleporter-ContextOur take on an animated favorite.

Grab them while you can!  Most of them have about a half dozen copies available.  Thanks for the support, and we’ll see you soon with another all-new wave of sets!

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