Racers ‘n’ Rockets is now live!

2017-09-15 Rocket Race Teaser-02-RCDon’t blink, because this wave is FAST!

Welcome to Racers ‘n’ Rockets!  We here at Geewunner have been wanting to release most of these sets for a long time.  Some of the designs go back to the very beginnings of this project, but they’ve been gestating for some time.  And one of them came together – literally – in just about the last month.  But they all go together, in a complimentary ’87-’88 group, with fast vehicles on the Heroes’ side, and rockets red glare on the Enemy’s side, hence the name.  We all know that in the late 80s, the vehicle designs started to get a little wacky, as did the colors.  But the vehicles homaged in this theme are late-80s examples of vehicles that arguably might have fit in well in the ’83-’85 range.  Fairly straightforward designs and colors.  But enough chatter – let’s get to it!

First up is a small surprise set, not advertised in the teaser.  The Enemy Urban Attack Quad is another one of our wacky Quad recolors, but a fun one.  I wondered what a Quad would look like in the classic colors of the Alley Viper, and it turned out pretty cool.  A few clips were added in order to hold all of that Kreon’s gear.  Now your Alley Viper can zip up and down the city streets in color-coordinated style!

Enemy Urban Attack Quad-Context

Next up is  the Enemy Rocket Pack, an obvious tip of the cap to the Cobra Jetpack.  It’s come to my attention that this is apparently a much-maligned vehicle from that era, but I dunno – I always kinda liked it.  It was a fairly easy, straightforward design that was first attempted months ago, but came together in its final form recently.  Removable rockets and capacity for a Kreon, of course.

Enemy Rocket Pack-Context

Then we have the Enemy Twin Missile Launcher, our take on the Cobra Adder.  C’mon, tell me this one doesn’t scream “1984!” to you!  Features elevating missile rack with lock-in feature, twin removable missiles, and of course seating for a Kreon driver.  Go Cobra blue or go home!

Enemy Twin Missile Launcher-Context

The IMP was a kind of weird, but kind of neat small tank from 1988.  I always thought the idea of spraying mines all over a battlefield was a cool tactical approach.  And I thought trying to capture that feature with bricks would be a fun challenge, as would the odd shape of the blood-red body.  With the Enemy Mine Launcher, I like to think both were pulled off here.  All three rockets are removable, as are all eight mines – same count as the original – on each rocket.  The launcher elevates, and there’s seating for a Kreon driver, with a swiveling front gun.

Enemy Mine Launcher-Context

That’s it for the Enemy’s side, let’s get Heroic now.  First is the Desert Fast Attack Vehicle.  The Desert Fox 6WD was always a favorite vehicle of mine, and this is one of the earliest designs I ever made, going on four years ago.  It’s gone through some refinement since then, but the basic design has been there.  I’ve been looking for an excuse to release it ever since, but kept putting it off in favor of more “classic” designs in the interim.  Alas, here it is, finally!  Features fully rotating turret,seating for two Kreons in the cockpit, one more in the seat, and removable red rockets.  Fans of more “Kreo scale” vehicles will be glad to know that this is a smaller vehicle more in that scale (as are most of the vehicles in this theme).

Desert Fast Attack Vehicle-Context

Next is another original retake on an existing vehicle, this time a green take on the last entry, dubbed the Forest Fast Attack Vehicle.  This original version was inspired by a green version of the Desert Fox I once spied in a modern era Joe comic.  There was a shot of a military green, transport type of variation in a Joe base.  That image bounced around in my head for some time, and I decided to try it with bricks, though I steered away from a transport rear section, and decided to try some original variations on the weaponry.  In the end, I basically reversed the setup: instead of rockets on the sides and a gun up above, I added guns to the sides, and a pair of rockets on the launcher.  This was partially due to the availability of certain parts in green, as well as a desire to differentiate from the original tan version.  We like to call this one the Forest Fox, both due to the alliteration, but also as a nod to the Built To Rule vehicle of the same name.  Hey, the VAMP eventually got a tan recolor, why not go in the opposite direction here?

Forest Fast Attack Vehicle-Context

Finally, we have the coup de grace for this theme, the Remote Control Rapid Strike Vehicle.  This is the one that came together in the last five weeks or so.  I’ve had multiple requests for the Crossfire for some time – both in general, and specifically to make it RC based.  I figured I would get around to the design sooner or later, but I was dubious of the RC factor.  Lego makes RC equipment, but everything was too big or expensive to work with the aesthetic we’re working with here.  I doubted anyone would be willing to spend up around $200 for an oversized, goofy version of the thing.

But alas, this past Labor Day – easy to pinpoint it as it was a holiday – I made the discovery of a third-party, Lego-compatible RC setup that was small and inexpensive enough, satisfying two of the three requirements.  I purchased one, still doubting that it would work well enough, and was pleased to discover that it was indeed a quality RC toy.  I was stoked, but had to make sure that it would support a Crossfire design.  In a flurry of activity, I got together most of this final design together quickly, and after testing it again with the weight on it, was further pleased to see that it continued to run well.  I was overjoyed, and realized that a working, RC Crossfire homage was now on the dockets for release in the Geewunner canon.  All this within a week of Labor Day.

Remote Control Rapid Strike Vehicle-Context

This was excellent timing, as there was another big, splashy set I wanted to release for the holiday season, but as the summer wound down, I had decided to put that design on hold until it was truly ready.  And then this thing falls into my lap.  Sometimes, things work out for the right reasons.  I decided to not only fast-track this design for the holidays, but add to it some of the long-gestating contemporary designs (’87-’88) for a solid theme.  So…Racers ‘n’ Rockets owes very much to this late discovery.  Aside from the obvious RC feature, it also includes seating for one Kreon in the cokcpit, room for Kreons throughout (including the side running boards and rear platform), removable wing rockets, and  swiveling rear cannon.  Make sure your Kreons are locked down tight before running this machine!

Remote Control Rapid Strike Vehicle-Contents

Due to the scarce RC system employed, and the fact that some very rare Lego parts are used, this set will be extremely limited.  Also note that the Remote Control Rapid Strike Vehicle is kinda big, even with the smaller RC base.  It rivals some of the bigger vehicles is overall mass, like the Main Battle Tank.  You will need three (3) AA batteries for the main unit, and three (3) AAA batteries for the controller, not included.  We’re hoping to get some sort of video representation of this set together, so keep an eye out for that.  In the meantime, I will say that while it’s a fully functioning RC vehicle – front,back, steering in both directions – it’s infrared, and had limited range.  You’ll want to stay near the thing as it goes around.  Also, we would strongly recommend keeping it out of dirt and other messy areas.

So there you have it, seven new Geewunner vehicle sets!  Want ’em all?  We’re offering a standard “all-in” package.  The Racers ‘n’ Rockets All-In Attack Pack gets you one each of all six main sets, with free shipping, and a free copy of the Urban Attack Quad, seven sets in all!  The preorder for this theme is open NOW, and runs through November 15th.  These sets will ship by December 15th, in time for the big holiday, though we’ve already done a lot of the work for this theme, so there’s a good chance they’ll ship well before that.  Maybe you can convince someone close to you to treat you to this wave, because SURELY you’ve been a good boy this year?!?

That’s it for 2017.  We’re excited to get this theme out, and look forward to the first theme of 2018.  As always, thanks for the support!

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