Green Machines Vol. 2 is now live!

2018-01-15 Green Machines 2 TeaserHooray for Heroes!

We’ve been releasing a lot of Enemy vehicles in recent months, and so it’s time to swing back to the Heroes for this wave.  We’ve done a previous “Green Machines” theme, and this sequel is sort of a clearing house of some of the most classic army-green vehicles from the classic years that we haven’t yet done.  A few have been long requested, and a couple may be surprises for folks who wouldn’t have thought we’d ever do them.  Let’s do the list!

First up is the Ordnance Removal Tank.  Small, cute, and a very necessary function for the team: sweep away those unpredictable live warheads!  It’s got a working front claw, seating for a minifig, and classic styling in a small package.  It also comes with two mines and a bomb!

2018-02-05 Green Machines 2 - Ordnance Removal Tank-Context

Next is the Towed Dual Attack Cannon.  Another early classic rendered in brick form, this one features seating for one minifig, fully rotating cannon base, ability to be towed by virtually all Geewunner vehicles with towing capability, and rotating twin guns!

2018-02-05 Green Machines 2 - Towed Dual Attack Cannon-Context

Another classic trailer is the Towed Heavy Attack Cannon.  Also towable by most Geewunner vehicles, it’s got a positionable main cannon, assembled spyglass stand, and a third party munitions case with three third-party shells.

2018-02-05 Green Machines 2-Towed Heavy Attack Cannon-Context

Call Dean-o, Sammy, and ol’ Blue Eyes, because the Rat Pack is back together!  The Drone Three-Pack collects brick versions of the three classic battlefield robots together in one set.  The Machine Gun Drone features rolling wheels, swivel base, rotating body, and positionable outer guns.  The Missile Drone has a rotating tower, positionable arms, and four removable missiles.  And finally, the Flamethrower Drone features rotating main body, separately rotating belly gun.  Also, technically, due to the brick translation, the three legs are positionable as well.  The set comes with three remotes, you decide which remote goes with which drone!

2018-02-05 Green Machines 2-Drone 3-Pack-Context

Next up is the All-Terrain Scout Cycle.  This low-crawling vehicle features classic styling, accommodation for one minifig, rolling rear wheel, opening windscreen, and rotating front wheelbase.

2018-02-05 Green Machines 2 - All Terrain Scout Cycle-Context

Finally, we have the marquee set of this wave – the Large Attack Recon Tank.  We’ve had many a request for this one over the years, and ironically, an early version of this design was put together very early in the project’s run.  It was held back, and reworked here and there, and it’s finally time to release it.  Every attempt was made to capture all the features of the classic toy, as well as every contour and detail.

2018-02-05 Green Machines 2 - Large Attack Recon Tank-Context-Goggles

The list of features includes accommodation for two minifigs up front, a third in the elevating cannon chair, and one more in the air car.  There are two windscreens due to the limitations of what’s available in bricks, but it gets the look, and they certainly open up.  As stated, the main cannon assembly elevates and rotates around the sides of the vehicle.  The rear side panels open to reveal the air car, which can separate.  There are four removable missiles on the side panels, and the air car has twin guns of its own.  There are also twin positionable guns on both the front and rear of the main vehicle.  Finally, this set features something the original toy didn’t: two rotating tread assemblies, each with moving treads!

2018-02-05 Green Machines 2 - Large Attack Recon Tank-Feature-4-Shot

As usual, an all-in package is available for this new wave of sets, which allows you to grab ’em all and save!  The GMV2 All-In Attack Pack includes one copy of each set, at a discount (you’re essentially getting the Ordnance Removal Tank for free), plus free shipping.  The best deal for you Geewunner completists!

That’s it for the new stuff.  However, to go along with this theme, we’ve decided to reissue a few older green Geewunner sets.  This includes the General Purpose Attack Vehicle, the Towed Missile Launcher, the Large Beam Cannon, the Multi-Purpose Cannon (don’t forget about its companion Trailer!), and the Attack VTOL.  These returning sets will be produced just for this preorder period, with a minimal run of about 5-6 copies.  To guarantee your copy of any of these, be sure to preorder now!

The preorder period for Green Machines Vol.2 is NOW (obviously) through midnight on Sunday, February 25th.  Any new sets ordered during this preorder period will ship by March 31st.  Thanks to all who continue to support this project!

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