Fresh restocks, anniversary sale, and new freebie structure!

Avatar-01It’s a great time to add to your Geewunner Customs collection!

We’ve been a little quiet lately, but rest assured, there’s a LOT going on here at Geewunner Customs!  While we’ve recently shipped the last wave of new sets, and are starting to prep our next wave, we’ve taken some time to do some infrastructure and reorganization work at Geewunner labs.  The work involved in installing new fixtures and a new organizational system may push the next wave back just a bit, but in the long run it will help the operation run smoother, and further foster creativity, which will translate into more great models coming down the pike.  And while pace may ebb and flow a bit, we have no plans of stopping any time soon.

With all this going on, we realized that our fifth anniversary was coming up…and then passed.  Unfortunately, putting together as big and splashy of a sale as we did last year was just not a reality, but now that the bulk of the reorganization is done, and before we throw efforts in full earnest into the next wave, we took a look at our shelves, and realized that some robust restocking an inevitably incomplete list of sets on sale was in order.  There may be more coming in the weeks ahead, but for now, we’re looking a lot fuller than even a week ago, check it out!

Speaking of a sale, it’s admittedly a bit lower key than our fifth anniversary (which was March) deserves, but we managed to knock the prices of a host of sets – including some of the recently restocked sets! – down a bit.  There are too many to mention, so head on over to the store, and check ’em out!  On the main page, we’ve pulled as many of the on-sale sets as possible to the forward pages, but makes sure to explore the various categories to discover all the saving opportunities!

As if that’s not enough, we took a look at our Free Sets structure, and decided to rework the whole thing.  We’ve dropped the range from $100-$300 down to $50-$250, which means you now earn free sets at lower triggers.  We also moved some set around in the various levels, and added a lot more, especially at the lower levels.  It’s now even easier and cheaper to earn free stuff!  As always, restrictions apply, see each entry and our FAQ for more info.

That’s it for now.  We gotta get back to working on something…BIG.

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