SUPER GOD MASTERFORCE release date and box art!

The Japanese Collection continues.

Last year saw the release of Headmasters, the first of three Japanese-exclusive G1 cartoon series, which followed the exploits of the original 98 episode American series that was imported elsewhere.  A box set of all three series, including Super God Masterforce and Victory, was released on January 2nd.

But now, Shout! Factory has announced a release date, as well as the box art, for the individual release of the second series, Super God Masterforce.  Featuring Powermasters, Masterforce will be released May 1st, and you can view the box arrt below.

Eagle-eyed fans will recognize that this is the first Tuesday after this year’s BotCon, being held in Dallas, Texas from April 26-29.  If you attended last year’s show, you will recall that Shout! Factory was on hand to sell Headmasters, a few days before that set’s release.  We can only assume they will be at this year’s show, offering early sales of Masterforce.

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