G.I. Joe RENEGADES and original series DVD news

Updates on two Joe series and their respective releases.

Uber DVD site TV Shows On DVD has relayed news on two G.I. Joe series of late.  First up is the June 5th release of G.I. Joe: Renegades – Season 1, Volume 1, the 2010 series from Hasbro’s own channel, The Hub.  There has yet to be word from Hasbro on whether this series will continue or not (it is officially “on hiatus” at the moment), and it seems ridiculous to us that this first season is being split up into two releases, while Transformers: Prime saw a complete season release just the other day.  At any rate, if you’re a fan of the show, this is good news for you.  Check out the box art for the set – which will retail for around $20 – below.

Also, there’s been an update on the re-release of G.I. Joe: The Complete First Series box set.  This is the “unlimited” 16-disc vesion of the original 2007 17-disc box.  Originally slated for May 1st, it has been delayed until the following month.  Wouldn’t be surprised if it bows on the 5th of June – the same day as Renegades.  Box art below.

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