Hasbro makes statement about third-party toy manufacturers

At last, a decisive stance.

Hasbro has previously been fairly quiet on the subject of third-party toy manufacturers like iGear, MasterMind Creations, or TFC toys, usually offerring a typical “no comment”.  However, at CybertronCon in Singapore this weekend, the company has stated that they do not condone the actions of these companies, and will never work with them in the future, as many fans have suggested.  They did not state whether they would be taking any legal actions against such companies, although Takara has reportedly begun investigating their options last year.

On the one hand, yes, what they’re doing is technically and legally wrong.  But unfortunately, Hasbro will likely never endeavor to produce toys of such scale and detail.  They are in the market to mass-produce toys that cost them minimal R&D, and maximize profit.  So you’re never going to get the care put into them that these companies do.

What do you think?

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