Unofficial merchandise “unwelcome” at BotCon

The crackdown has begun.

Following Hasbro’s recent statement concerning third-party toy manufacturers such as iGear or Fans Project, Fun Publications – the folks that run BotCon – have indication to dealers and exhibitors that the sale of thir party merchandise will not be allowed to be sold at the show.

Fun Publications representative Pete Sinclair stated in multiple emails that his company will not allow the sale of such unofficial merchandise at BotCon, something that was hinted at with updated language in the new version of the agreement paperwork when one registers to sell merchandise at the show.

When asked to clarify what constitued “unofficial”, or whether a comprehensive lsit could be compiled for the benefit of sellers, Sinclair’s response was:

There are SO many third party items, no one is going to provide a list of what is acceptable ‘unlicensed’ toys.  If it is unlicensed, assume it is unacceptable.  Just about every third party piece infringes upon Hasbro IP [intellectual property], so if you think it may in any way infringe upon Hasbro IP, odds are they DO consider it an infringement.

So it looks like the party’s over, folks.  Third party.  Ahem.  At least at BotCon.

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