Interview with Frank Welker at Big Shiny Robot

A rare conversation with the voice acting legend.

The self-proclaimed nerds at Big Shiny Robot managed to wrangle the ever-reclusive Frank Welker into an interview.  It’s short, but sweet.  Here’s what Welker had to say when asked who his favorite Transformers character is:

What am I going to say…Optimus Prime!!!!!!   (Okay I do love that voice..but don’t tell Peter) Megatron of course!  How can you not love doing one of the great villains of all time.  So much fun.  But I do love Soundwave and I am disappointed that I have not been given the role in “Transformers Prime.” Currently as you know he has no voice…I don’t really get that, I may be a bit prejudice since I have the Soundwave suit in my closet.  Also, I would like to see Bumble Bee talk and that would be fun to take a shot at his speaking voice too!  I guess for now I should be happy being Megatron, the guy who keeps destroying Optimus Primes dinner parties!

Head over to Big Shiny Robot to read the entire interview.

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